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  • Kausik_Ram answered a question on Dec 31, 2018
    Should I stay or should I go
    What I feel you to do is stay away from him for few days, 10 - 15 days, by going to your parents or other cose relations. During these days just only telephone to hism to ask how he is,whetherhad meals etc. After 3 -4 days he will start realisiing your contribuion to maintain house. Do not think too much of pleasing him. And when you join him, have a frank talk with him and sort outthe matter.
  • Kausik_Ram answered a question on Dec 31, 2018
    please help me
    Since your husband is informiing yu all and the messages have no seriousness, talk to him not to continue, as otherwise it may become serious.
  • Kausik_Ram answered a question on Dec 31, 2018
    Wife not cooperative and understanding , fights and quarells and doesn't respect husband
    Co-operation is a twoway activity, not onesided. Both of your are from different background. Even assuming that she is not loving yu as expected by you, talk to her, ask her suggestions on things you do for your home. Your looks or muscle may not be an issue at all. Now on try to satisfy her durng sex and do not be too stingy. If any excessive spening eemand is there from her siide try to explain the financial position. Howevere, if you believe in the old time feelings that ladies are slaves ofhusbands,it may not work and complicate matters. As a person of more uderstanding,youshould try to talk to her more and understand her issues. Then the problems will be solved
  • Kausik_Ram answered a question on Dec 31, 2018
    My husband keeps confusing me for his ex.. today he said said her initial instead of mine. Should I be worried?
    Since your husband suggested for couselling forboth, why not give a try. If any problem is there, a solution may come out. Till that it is is of no use to guess about his problem.
  • Kausik_Ram answered a question on Dec 31, 2018
    In-laws question
    You need not take the issue of their addressing "ms" instead of Mrs, as Ms is for both Miss and Mrs like one word "Mr" for both married and unmarried. As to othehr advices,let them talk to you anything. Forget it immediately. When they find you are not getting provokedd, they will change. You know how you should take are of yoourson and continue to take caare as you are doing.
  • Kausik_Ram answered a question on Dec 31, 2018
    Am I in the wrong?
    Eitheer you have to trust her and continue or have a frank talk of her not doing things you do not like, and lose her. It is of no use for you tosufffer by being angry with her and at theh same time keeping quiet about her deeds. In the meantime findout as to what subject or matter interests her and try to discuss such matters with her. You also try to find some actiivity like attending whatsapp or mesaginng or talking to your firends which may make her feel that you arer not totally depend on her for comfort.
  • Kausik_Ram answered a question on Dec 31, 2018
    Family and Friend Relationships During Marriage
    Talk to husband that you get only weekends and have to meet parents and frends once awhile. Ask him to wiat till your course is oveer and then you will compenste the present loss
  • Kausik_Ram answered a question on Dec 29, 2018
    Wives Help with kissing thing
    It may be a trick from his side for enjoying more than wife for sex with your complicity. You ask his suggestion to continue the relation between you two without insisting on your kissing another woman. Alternatively suggest to him to bring a couple and he to kiss the male and you to kiss the female.
  • Kausik_Ram answered a question on Dec 29, 2018
    Wife lost interest; what are my options?
    The best way is to talk it over with your wife and explain to her about your need of more sex and ask herr sugggestion.
  • Kausik_Ram answered a question on Dec 29, 2018
    Will I ever be happy in a sexless marriage if I desire an intimate relationship with my wife?
    In the life of normal people, sex is an important ingredieent for harmonious family life. In some cases it is possible for the husband or wife to be more desire for sex than the other. It is allso possible in yur case that the husband may be satisfying his sex needs with another woman. What you do is to forget about the thought on it and pretend to be happpy with him. Side by side you concentrate more on makeup and dress to make yourself more atractive. Then, when you can think and talk calmly talk to your husband as to why he is not having sex with you? From your side be calm and have no guess as to his reason. After the talk you may get the reason. Once th reason is found the remedy is easy. It is no use to spoil the life of you two and children
  • Kausik_Ram answered a question on Dec 29, 2018
    haven't had sex in 5 years with my husband
    If you have been together always, try staying seperately for few days by taking vacations atdifferent times. Both of yu go to a psychologist and sexologist and counsult
  • Kausik_Ram answered a question on Dec 29, 2018
    I am suffering from erectile disfunction since last 3 days during actual sex but i get good erection when i watch porn.
    If you wereree having excess sex activity, this is possibl. Consult a sexoligist for rejuvnation