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  • Jmm2018 asked a question on Oct 15, 2018
    What to do when husband asks for threesome
  • Jmm2018 answered a question on Oct 16, 2018
    How do I feel confident in myself after husband’s cheating and porn usage?
    Men seem to be very visually stimulated, but with that being said... you are his wife and I feel like the “bored” comment was unnecessary. I think you are complete valid in your feelings of being hurt. Any woman would be gravely offended by that comment. Focus on yourself. What are some things that make you feel pretty and confident? For me, it’s when I wear makeup, hair done a certain way, wearing heels etc. Find what it was that made you a gorgeous confident woman, that attracted your husband in the first place. Marriage is such hard work, even harder when there are trust issues involved. Anything worth having, never comes easy.