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25 y.o. girlStill looking for my soulmate=)
  • Jessica007 asked a question on Jul 29, 2020
    Should I break with him?
  • Jessica007 answered a question on Aug 12, 2019
    I accidentally saw him spending quality time with his ex wife.
    617 Views should ask him directly about it.. Just guessing what's going on is not the best idea
  • Jessica007 answered a question on Jul 09, 2020
    Is there hope for my marriage?
    Personally I think you still have chances to save your marriage. It looks like your wife still can't decide what to do..she's flip-flopping on that matter and waiting for you to pursue an outreach towards your relationships. I'm not too experienced in such questions, but you can use some advice from some counselor these guys really know how to act ​in such scenarios.