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Hi, I am Holy Anderson from the USA. I am working as Project Manager in My hobbies are listening to music, football, horse riding, dancing, reading etc.
  • holyanderson answered a question on Jul 09, 2020
    I am facing stress after marriage
    Facing stress after marriage is very common between couples, It can due to happen of work stress or any kind of reason. Try to share your problems with your partner, I think they can help you to recover from the stress. * Have fun together * Build together time into your schedule * Communicate clearly and respectfully * Tell the Truth  
  • holyanderson answered a question on Jul 09, 2020
    What is the most effective way to rejuvenate your love after marriage?
    Marriage life is a little bit hard than from the bachelor. But is necessary to make love and passion in your relationship, otherwise, you feel like you are missing something in life. Here I share some points which can help you reheat your relationship. * Good communication * Share your Problems with each other * Discussion * Leave all technology while you are on the bed * Listen * Give some space when he/she want  
  • holyanderson answered a question on May 03, 2019
    When was the moment you no longer wanted to stay married to your partner and why?
    Divorce is not the only solution when you think you can not want to live any more together. As you know that married life is full of up and down. As the responsibility grow up and the couple is distanced. They start feeling bored with each other. and decide to take relieve from each other.