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  • HERNANDEZ answered a question on Aug 13, 2015
    What questions can be asked about marriage preparation?
    How much do you value fitness in your individual lives? Are you combining a ftiness routine together? Do you have health issues and if so what are they? What kind of diet have you followed and will you follow? Are you ready to make healthier choices if one is already following them?
  • HERNANDEZ answered a question on Aug 08, 2015
    How much does an abortion cost?
    Abortions can cost anywhere between $300-$900 dollars, but in some cases (such as rape), Medicaid will pay for them.
  • HERNANDEZ answered a question on Aug 07, 2015
    Can you tell me how to fix a marriage without counseling?
    To fix a problem in a marriage without counselling, one or both must be ready to sit and talk over the problems they have and constructively address the conflict. All it requires to fix the problem is to talk about the likes and dislikes and come to a consensus.
  • HERNANDEZ answered a question on Aug 07, 2015
    Can you give me some advice for a happy marriage?
    You do not have to get a diamond ring to make her happy but a small note saying how much you love her will be more than enough to make her feel special. This holds true for women as well where instead of a 40 course meal, give him his favorite video game and let him play for 2 hours and cuddle him after that.
  • HERNANDEZ answered a question on Aug 07, 2015
    How can I have a happy marriage?
    Hold the hands of your partner. It means more to her than anything else. There are thousands of nerve endings in the hand and that de-stresses her and makes her feel closer to you than anything else. This is very important.