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  • Gerry4 answered a question on Sep 07, 2018
    What are marital vows in a marriage?
    Marital vows are sacrosanct oaths sworn before the couple’s church, friends and family, and God.  These words, spoken at the altar in front of the congregation, represent a solemn commitment that the couple must endeavor to uphold throughout the rest of their lives, so people put a lot of time and effort into choosing and/or writing them.  Each religion has its own traditional vows, but these days a lot of folks have decided that they can feel more engaged and committed to their vows if they write them themselves.  That’s why you see so many different versions of wedding vows nowadays.
  • Gerry4 answered a question on Aug 17, 2015
    Should I discuss my marriage problems with others?
    Yes - but only with trusted friends and family who understand you and love both you and your spouse. This should be something used for encouragement, not as something to speak disrespectfully about your spouse.
  • Gerry4 answered a question on Aug 13, 2015
    What are some questions to ask your spouse regarding marriage?
    When have you felt most loved and cared for in our marriage? When have you felt most hurt or ignored? What are some dreams you have for our life together?