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  • Franklinco answered a question on Jul 07, 2020
    Words said 20 years ago on a first date...still true?
    Having known him for over 20 years now is big enough for both of you to have understood each other very well. If you really love that man just win his heart and you will make him love you back. Winning the heart of your partner is very much important in every relationship but some people don't actually know how to do that and that's why they keep on having issues in their relationship. Everyone is capable of TRANSFORMING his or her RELATIONSHIP if the person has the SKILL. This SKILL of transformation is all that you need now to save your marriage and make it a very happy one. Marriage Counsellors who do not have this SKILL finds it very difficult to resolve family issues and that's why many of them fail to proffer solutions to such problems. I have witnessed RELATIONSHIPS come back to LIFE after dishonesty, affairs, deception, bankruptcy and other middle-life crisis. I believe that the article you are about to read now will help you RESOLVE any problem that you are facing in your MARRIAGE or RELATIONSHIP so that you will start enjoying your marriage.