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  • Digitality answered a question on Feb 21, 2020
    Financial lying
    This is a good example that I had when I got divorced with my wife. Once we had a big amount of money ( we have planned to take a loan for a car and this money was written on our family) my wife secretly stoled that money and went with a lover to another country and I was really shocked because of this. A couple of days later some guys from "private debt collectors" has come to me and we discussed how can we solve the problem together (they was pretty good guys btw)and  I decided to take another loan to cover the current. I wish no one face this problem in personal life.
  • Digitality answered a question on Aug 13, 2020
    How do I please my wife that is unhappy that I travel for work?
    This is life! I am infectious diseases specialist and I travel to poor countries in case there is an outburst of cases with infections. Countries from Africa, Indonesia, India always suffer from different epidemic infections, because of the lack of water and proper hygiene. I use to take my wife and kids with me if I go for some conferences in some developed countries, for instance Canada. Recently, we’ve been there due to a conference I had to attend and simply speaking  Canada is a popular travel destination for many families. All in all, my advice is to calm your wife down and explain that traveling in our case represent the main source of earning money.
  • Digitality answered a question on Sep 04, 2020
    My husband looks at pictures of his ex girlfriend regulars on instagram, should I be worried?
    Hey there, I don't think you should think much of it, trust me he's just mindlessly looking at pictures and I'm sure he's looking at pictures not just of his ex but of dozens of other women. In our time this is normal, especially for a man.  
  • Digitality answered a question on Oct 11, 2019
    What are the best dating sites for married people?
    It smells like cheating over here, isn't it? Why do you need it? Aren't you happy with your marriage? Divorce and you'll be able to visit both single and married dating sites. By doing so, you'll make a favor to you and your partner. I don't know if you're a man or woman, but I wouldn't go out with a married person. I'm for the single ladies and apps like eHarmony (, which isn't a photo-based app. I have the chance to go out with women who aren't only beautiful but also match with my personality.
  • Digitality answered a question on Oct 09, 2019
    I accidentally saw him spending quality time with his ex wife.
    Wow,it's weird,you need imediately to dscuss with him about this