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  • Destiny-Couple answered a question on Jun 06, 2019
    Getting the passion back
    It sounds like you two are still having sex and have some physical intimacy so it sounds like you two are just in a rut and need to open up more in the bedroom. What books and guides have referred to, if any? Sometimes it is about one person taking the lead, and the other responding to it. How has this been for you? Love to hear your feedback.
  • Destiny-Couple answered a question on Jun 06, 2019
    Boys hate my ugly smile
    I am sure you are a stunning person, and I wouldn't take it too personally over one guy that was that insensitive and shallow just because of your teeth. You will meet someone that will like you, for whatever is good and for whatever is not so good, and it won't matter. If this is causing you social anxiety, or any physical pain or discomfort, then you could get a professional opinion on your teeth and see what pricing they offer.
  • Destiny-Couple answered a question on Jun 06, 2019
    What questions to ask my spouse before divorce?
    I would ask: Do we really want to divorce? Will we be happier as individuals if we divorce? Do we know all the consequences of a divorce? Do you want to leave me permanently? Do you want me to change and would this make a difference in your eyes?
  • Destiny-Couple answered a question on Jun 06, 2019
    Should I tell him the truth?
    Sorry to hear of your troubles. Could I start the conversation by asking: what did you see in your wife in the beginning and when you got married? I ask this to try and understand better what the attraction points were, yes people change, but there are parts that remain the same. Should you tell your son that you are considering divorce? No, not until you are 100% sure you are going to follow through it and take on all the consequences that come with a divorce. This means complete separation. Is it too late to get back, heal and be a couple again? No, it isn't. Have you considered all the options before you go down this road?
  • Destiny-Couple answered a question on Jun 06, 2019
    Our marriage is perfect but the sex stinks!
    My wife I had a similar problem, and in part, it was my fault because I knew there was a problem but I swept it under the carpet. Now I know better and even though we are busy with our children and we also work together, I proactively look for opportunities when we both feel in the mood. A lot of this comes from a change we made which was going to be earlier and spending time together, and putting all other distractions away. Easier said than done of course. Another thing, porn addiction can affect a marriage, and wondering if this is something that could be an issue. Would love to hear your thoughts on this.
  • Destiny-Couple answered a question on Jun 06, 2019
    How important physical intimacy should be in a marriage ?
    By the sounds of what you have written, you refer to him as a 7 year old boy and that you missed looking after him, like a mother. Have you tried to talk to him and get his perspective on how he acts and the way that you look and treat him in return? Maybe he does get treated like a little kid and this is something that he does not like at all. I would not want my wife to treat me like a little kid, as I am a mature grown up man who should be giving and providing as much to my wife as I can. A big part of satisfaction, at least for me, for many men is to be able to be the hero and provide and give to their wives and it is through this happiness that men feel empowered and have a sense of purpose in their marriage. Could you be doing the opposite of what your husband actually wants to do for you? This could be one reason why he is not interested in sex or his behaviour. The saying: " You are what someone believes you are." Have you tried to talk to him about the lack of physical intimacy and sex, and about his background? Could there be some trauma that he needs to be open about with you and to get some understanding. I would look at some communication between you two, have you every considered some professional help?
  • Destiny-Couple answered a question on Jun 06, 2019
    How to increase love in a marriage?
    Great Question! My wife and I work together so it is even more important that we feel this union as a couple because work can get in the way. What we do is try to reward ourselves, and do something together, either when we have reached a goal to do in the week or at some time once a week. This has to be somewhere that is only about us, and we don't let work get involved or any distractions. It is our time only. We also daily try to say 2 things that we like about our partner, and what they have done in the day that we have liked. For example, when one of us cooks a great meal, we will say how great a cook the other person is. In the evening, we go to bed and spend at least an hour catching up as a couple, and it doesn't have to be about physical intimacy or sex, but rather it can also include small talk and general chit chat. Any disagreements we have, we do not let them to ripen, and try to address them as quickly as possible. I think a really strong thing to do to improve love is to keep showing the appreciation for your partner, and to also plan some life goals together and work on them together. We are currently planning a holiday this year so it brings excitement and a closeness to our marriage. Hope this gives you a bit more to think about, let me know what you think :)
  • Destiny-Couple answered a question on Jun 06, 2019
    I long for a genuine kind of love. So lonely.
    Welcome! Love your courage here and thanks for being honest and opening up here in the community! We don't bite! Can I please say that it has probably taken a lot to come out to talk about yourself with us :) Would you like to go a little further and express why you think loving you is hard and impossible? I am sure the right people would think otherwise. Did you want to let me know how you are feeling now? Have you had a good day?
  • Destiny-Couple answered a question on Jun 06, 2019
    Is my husband not attracted to me anymore?
    May I ask what your sex drive was like before, was it better? Has it changed? It is normal for things to change during different times in the marriage, be it because of health or stress reasons, children etc. You mentioned you have talked to him about it. How did it go? How was your approach? Quite often, we don't realise our approach is not inviting to a healthy discussion on a subject so would love to hear your thoughts on this. Another question I want to ask is if he may be developing a porn addiction? This can happen which changes the relationship. Let me know what you think.