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  • D1scoverme answered a question on Feb 07, 2019
    how do I tell my husband I want him to shower before sex?
    You can try a couple of things. 1. Convince him to start showering at night, tell him it's convinient and saves time in the morning. 2. give him extra "attention" down there when he does shower at night. 3. if he showers at night, surprise him in the shower, man always think about sex when they shower. Just bring lube
  • D1scoverme answered a question on Feb 06, 2019
    Wife wearing revealing clothing in public
    Hello there, It sounds to me as if you're not sure if you like it or not. A "normal" reaction varies depending on who you ask. Although she is very conservative on the daily , I love when my wife and I go out on vacation where no one knows us and she wears revealing clothing. It turns me on when I know other men desire her. Have you ever thought of seeing your wife with another man? If so, does it turn you on?