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  • Clarkchristoph answered a question on Jul 06, 2020
    Husband never asks to have sex?
    If you start having sex and his sex drive appears and he moves and has normal sex, I think he just got used that you provoke sex and you provoke it enough for him. I mean he doesn't need sex more often than you want. But if you are having sex and his erection is soft and you have sex and don't feel the same drive as you feel, then he may have problems with libido. speak with him openly and go to the doctor. 
  • Clarkchristoph answered a question on Jul 23, 2020
    I am having problems with my sex life.
    You can do nothing out of speaking with her. But there are such asexual women who don't need sex and I believe that all of them can be treated because our main function, I mean of the people, to reproduce, but having sex provides reproduction. Maybe she has never had good sex and never had an orgasm, speak with her and ask to have sex and then make everything you can to make her cum.