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  • Christie answered a question on Sep 02, 2015
    Does remarriage after divorce bring happiness?
    It definitely can. I know so many couples who believe that their second marriage is truly the love of their lives; their soul mate, their everything. They also say that the first marriage helped them tremebdousky because it taught them the things that they needed and the things that couldn't tolerate in a relationship.
  • Christie answered a question on Sep 02, 2015
    I am spying on my crush on facebook. How do I know that he is married or not?
    The most obvious way to know if someone is married or in a relationship on facebook is to check their relationship status. If it doesn't say, you can always search through his public pictures to see if he's uploaded pictures of him and his lady or him at his wedding. Make sure you look at his ring finger to see if there's anything there. If there isn't any sign of him being married from those pictures, you can look at the pictures that he's been tagged in. That should be able to help you.
  • Christie answered a question on Sep 02, 2015
    How should I get over a break up?
    Different people handle break ups differently. So things I would do to get over a break up may not work for you. But I would suggest going out, hanging out with friends, keep yourself active. If you stay stagnant, you'll have more time to hink about the loss of your partner. It is however, very important that you mourn, just don't mope about the house for too long. Put your big girl/big boy panties/boxers on and try to move on.
  • Christie answered a question on Sep 02, 2015
    I am not happy with my married life. I want a divorce what shoud I do next?
    Before you decide that you want to go through the long and often painful process of a divorce, make sure that it is what you really want. Make sure that you have tried avery possible thing to try to make your marriage work. Only then would I recommend you to go trhough with the process. The first step would be to get yourself some legal counsel. He or she will be able to explain the technicalities from there.
  • Christie answered a question on Sep 02, 2015
    How can I make my unhappy wife feel good?
    I always say that there's no better way of knowing what somebody wants than to ask them. You can take a guess, but those guesses may not fulfill all her needs. Ask her what it is that she needs from you and try t provide her with that as best as you possibly can. She married you fora reason, and theres a reason why she's still there even though she's unhappy.
  • Christie answered a question on Sep 02, 2015
    Please suggest some books about marriage that can help me.
    These books are the current best sellers in many different book stores: 1. Getting the Love You Want: A guide for couples, 20th Anniversary edition by Harville Hendrix 2. Hold Me Tight: Seven conversations for a lifetime love by Sue Johnson 3. Marriage, Familes and Relationships: Making choices in a diverse society by Mary Ann Lamanna 4. The Meaning of Marriage: Facing the complexities of commitment with the wisdom of God by Timothy Keller 5. His Needs, Her Needs: Building an affair proof marriage by Willard Harley
  • Christie answered a question on Sep 02, 2015
    Should I look for a marriage counseling retreat?
    If you feel like that will help your marriage I'm all for it. But make sure that you try other methods like at home or in office counseling, relationship building exercise and othe ractivites that could help your marriage. Couples retreats tend to be very expensive. It's like a vacation that includes counseling and therapy.
  • Christie answered a question on Sep 02, 2015
    Please help me in choosing some best marriage help books.
    The following books have been receiving really good reviews lately. I hope that they can help you too: 1. The Five Love Languages: The secret to love that lasts by Gary Chapman 2. Love is a Flame: Stories of what happens when love is rekindled by James Stuart Bell 3. Mating in Captivity: Reconciling the erotic and the domestic by Esther Perel
  • Christie answered a question on Sep 02, 2015
    "Plan to propose very soon. Need creative proposal ideas. "
    You can go to the beach and find some buried treaure. Just be sure to have the area supervised before someone hits the jackpot and takes the ring. You can also bring her to the zoo and have a trained animal give her the ring. Or you can put the ring in a pinata and have her whack the hell out of it to find it.
  • Christie answered a question on Sep 02, 2015
    Is it possible to flirt without flirting?
    I don't think it is. Some people do tend to take what you say and how you say certain things as flirting, even though that was not your intention. I think it comes down to perception and how people see and take your actions and words. Or I guess you may not be aware that you're doing that, even though I really don't think that it's likely.
  • Christie answered a question on Sep 02, 2015
    I am looking for love. Can you suggest some dating tips?
    Trying to find love can be very difficult, but in the end it is totally worth it. If you're trying face to face dating initially, have fun with it, Don't be too serious and ask about religion, finances and how many babies you want on the first date. As things progress, get down to the serious stuff. Make sure that you guys are compatible and that you want the same things from a partner. But dating should be fun.
  • Christie answered a question on Sep 02, 2015
    How to propose for marriage?
    Find our from her family and friends what she has said that she'd like. They are the best sources of information about your special lady's dream proposal if you're completely clueless. If you want to keep it a complete secret, think about what she loves to do and incorporate that into your proposal.
  • Christie answered a question on Sep 02, 2015
    How to fix your marriage after having a baby?
    To add to that I think that you and your husband should bond over the baby. Talk about how amazing your child is and how both of you contributed to the blessing that you guys made. You can also go out as a family, do activities together to bring the two of you closer. After that the two of you can spend some alone time together to bond by yourselves.
  • Christie answered a question on Sep 02, 2015
    Does asking relationship questions improve compatibility?
    Yes they do! Well it at leasts helps you know what degree of compatibilty exists between you and your mate or potential mate. Don't take these questions too seriously unless the person you're asking the questions happens to be your mate. Then you'll know how compatible you are, and if you guys can compromise (which does imporve compatibility).
  • Christie answered a question on Sep 02, 2015
    I have had an affair with many married men. Now I want to get out of these complicated relationships, please help.
    You probably have something that really affected you in your past that makes you keep seeking these kinds of relationships, the best thing that you can do for yourself is to seek some serious help after you get out of that relationship. It's wrong to be with somebody who has made vows to be with someone else.
  • Christie answered a question on Sep 01, 2015
    How can I have an affair and also not get caught? Tell me some smart ways.
    You should never ever cheat on your mate! Leave him or her before you have sex with another person. You wouldn't want it to be done to you, so don't do it to them. Also some self reflection is definitely needed if you would want to do something as malicious as knowingly cheating and wanting to cover it up.
  • Christie answered a question on Sep 02, 2015
    I feel cheated after knowing some of my husband's secret from the past. Can this marriage be saved?
    I definitely agree with KarmaChamaleon. Gauge how much you you will be able to take and how whether you'll be able to handle it. Only you know what your tolerance lvel is like. Some serious internalization needs to happen because after you made your choice, you can't keep bringing his past up. If you stay, don't nag him about it, put it in the past. If you leave, then it shouldn't be a major factor in your life anymore.
  • Christie answered a question on Sep 02, 2015
    What are the signs that your marriage needs help?
    There are so many signs indicative of a marriage in trouble. You can tell if your relationship needs help if: 1. There has been some distance between you and your spouse lately 2, You don't spend as much time together 3. You don't laugh as much as you used to with your partner 4. You don't talk to your partner as much, or when you do, there's always an argument
  • Christie answered a question on Sep 02, 2015
    My wife is unhappy in marriage. Is divorce the next thing?
    No it doesn't have to be. If you really want it to work, communicate with your wife. Ask her what she needs from you and how you can go about giving her what she wants. Divorce doesn't have to be an option for you. If you have problems communicating with her, seek some outside help, like from a counselor or minister.
  • Christie answered a question on Sep 02, 2015
    I want to divorce my snoring wife as I am not happy with her. How to file a divorce?
    Snoring can be caused my numerous things. It may be an aeefect or symptom of a serious health issue, because of the position she sleeps in or becuase her nose is stuffed. I think that you should go see a doctor so that he can help you resolve this issue. Hopefully you and your wife will be able to work on any other things that may be the reason for you wanting to divorce her.