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  • CABRERA answered a question on Oct 01, 2015
    Are women seeking men for pleasure more often?
    It may well be true that women are seeking men for pleasure more often nowadays. Many things have changed in recent decades, including the expected roles of men and women. In the past, to a large extent women were expected to wait quietly until approached by a man, but now there is a lot more freedom and women have stepped out and started taking initiative to a large extent as never before. Before simply “going with the flow” and following current trends, each person should ask themselves if their behavior is in line with their values and what they believe to be the right and good way of relating to others.
  • CABRERA answered a question on Oct 01, 2015
    What is alienation of affection?
    Alienation of affections is a legal term which refers to a charge which a deserted spouse can lay against a third party who has caused the breakup of the marriage. For example, a wife who has a husband who has committed adultery with another woman, can charge the other woman with “alienation of affection”. This means that the other woman has caused her husband to stop loving her. His affections towards his own wife have become alienated or estranged, and now he loves somebody else instead of her. It is usually an adulterous spouse’s lover which is sued for alienation of affections, but sometimes other family members, counselors or clergy can be sued for advising a spouse to seek a divorce.
  • CABRERA answered a question on Oct 01, 2015
    What are the signs of infidelity in men?
    Signs of infidelity in men can vary greatly and some men are so skilled at lying and hiding that you do not see any signs. Some of the more obvious ones may be becoming emotionally distant, angry, defensive and critical towards his wife, accusing her of being controlling. There may be a reported increase in working hours, meetings after work or trips out of town. He may suddenly begin paying extra attention to his appearance and grooming, buying new clothes and going to the gym. The wife may notice some change in their sex life, trying new techniques which he had practiced with someone else. He may appear to have new energy and zeal, and may be seen not wearing his wedding ring.
  • CABRERA answered a question on Oct 01, 2015
    How to divorce from a hollow marriage?
    Divorce is never something which should be entered into quickly or hastily. If you have tried to save your marriage through counseling and every effort on your part, and after much soul searching you have concluded that there is no hope and no future for you together, then it is probably better to file for a divorce. You may need to hire an attorney who can help you through the legal process. And you will need support from friends or family who will stand by you through this difficult decision. Getting help from a professional counselor is also advisable.
  • CABRERA answered a question on Oct 01, 2015
    I can't take this harsh truth that my husband cheated on me. How to overcome this feeling and start afresh?
    It is very understandable and normal that you are feeling cheated, hurt and betrayed. Be very gentle with yourself and give yourself the time that you need to get over this horrible shock in your life. If your husband is repentant for what he has done, then he needs to be willing to go for counseling together with you and get professional help to mend your marriage. If you are willing to forgive him this is the first step towards healing. However, forgiveness and trust are two separate issues. He needs to understand that your trust has been broken and in order for you to trust him again he will need to consistently prove himself and earn your trust over a long period of time.
  • CABRERA answered a question on Oct 01, 2015
    Which places married couples should visit for their honeymoon?
    The places which married couples could visit for their honeymoon would depend on where they live, how far they are willing to travel and what their budget looks like. It would also depend on their individual tastes, if they prefer a quite destination in the countryside, in the mountains or at the ocean; or perhaps they are big city people who would enjoy the hustle and bustle of being in a famous metropolis somewhere. The main thing about a honeymoon is that the newly married couple gets to spend special quality time together in some place away from where they are going to live.
  • CABRERA answered a question on Oct 01, 2015
    What are the signs of a cheating boyfriend?
    There are many signs which could possibly indicate a cheating boyfriend. If you carefully observe his behavior and listen to what he says, you may notice the inconsistencies which will confirm the suspicions that you may be having. If he says that he is not ready for a serious relationship but then continues to lead you on in a serious way it may mean he has someone else. He may give you just enough attention to keep you, but not enough to move your relationship forward. The way he handles his phone often shows signs of cheating, if he takes it in the bathroom with him and won’t allow you to touch it, or if his battery is “dead” most of the time when he is not with you, so you can’t reach him.