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  • Burnett asked a question on Nov 25, 2015
    Does couple therapy actually work in real life?
  • Burnett answered a question on Sep 30, 2015
    I need relationship help. Can you give tips to save my relationship?
    First identify what the issue is. Why is your relationship suffering? Make sure you both agree on the “why”. Then make sure to truly listen and hear your partner out as to what is going on for her/him. Make sure you get down into it and vulnerable. Don’t prove that you have to be right, but let her/him have the benefit of the doubt and really try to understand what truly lies underneath. Then after you’ve fully heard her/him, speak vulnerably from your own heart. This is where change will start when you both can talk completely openly and honestly, and get help if you need it.
  • Burnett answered a question on Sep 30, 2015
    What are the romantic ways to propose for a marriage?
    There are several romantic ways to propose for marriage. Some ideas are to send your spouse on a treasure hunt with the end treasure being a treasure chest with a ring in it, go out for karaoke and do it during your turn, write it on the sand when you’re just chilling at the beach one day, or take her back to the place you went on your first date and get down on one new. These are just a few examples of many different romantic ways to propose. Do what feels closest to your heart of what she would really love.
  • Burnett answered a question on Sep 30, 2015
    Is marriage equality legal?
    Equality in marriage does not mean both partners are the same. What it does mean is that each party’s feelings, needs, and beliefs are just as important as the other’s. Equality in marriage is about equal power distribution. When one partner violates the other person’s boundaries, or disregards their feelings, they are demonstrating their power over their partner. This causes a lot of pain for the person whose power has been robbed. Understanding how the things we say and do can create this painful experience for our spouses is essential to avoiding power struggles. If we care about our marriage, it’s essential that we understand how power and equality work.