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  • Brownie17 answered a question on Jul 23, 2020
    Budgeting and Student Loans
    Dear EmilyS, thank you for your story, it touched me. First, in order not to get depressed, I would advise you to remember the good qualities of your husband, why you loved him and what good he is doing for you now. On the other hand, he is right when it comes to a large amount of credit, because it is always risky. I would try to persuade him to take a small loan, if your degree can be paid in parts, then you would come to a compromise. A small loan is less risky and easier to repay. And it doesn't look as scary as the 15K amount. If both parties agree, then look for a good credit company with a low interest rate and good conditions for you. Well good luck. I believe that you will succeed.