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  • Allsinglesandmarried answered a question on Sep 07, 2020
    Should I file for a divorce?
    You have to apologise to your wife for making her life miserable. She cheated on you because you were not there for her emotionally to feel the vacuum you are supposed to feel in her love life. After the apologies, start doing those things that made her to be madly in love with you in the beginning of your Marriage with her which made her to marry you because she's still having feeling for the other man she cheated with that's why she is not giving you the attention you deserve from her.
  • Allsinglesandmarried answered a question on Sep 02, 2020
    Did she sleep with another man
    I strongly suggest you stop confronting her because that will make her to be keeping secrets from you. Act as if you believed her that nothing is happening between her and the guy, I know is not easy to do but you have to do it so you can secretly monitor her without her being aware of it. With this, you can get her red-handed in the act. 
  • Allsinglesandmarried answered a question on Aug 28, 2019
    14 best way to make any woman to fall in love with you. 1) Bath with her. It absolutely romantic when you bath with your woman especially when you option to bath her. Don't make her to feel shy, right in the bathroom admire her body, her Womanhood, tell her how beautiful she's in her birthday suits. Play with her endowment for some minutes before bathing her. Every woman loves it and you can also give her the opportunity to bath you too. 2) Give her surprise gifts. No one will deny been happy for receiving a surprise gifts from either a family member, a friend, a colleague, or from a partner. Buy her favorite fruits or her favorite snacks or her favorite wears especially when you know that she needs them. Waiting for her to always ask you for it doesn't make you romantic and a caring man. In as much you are capable of doing it, do it for her unaware, it shows she is after your Heart. With all these mentioned above, you can win the heart of any woman, due to the fact that she has seen how...
  • Allsinglesandmarried answered a question on Aug 23, 2019
    How do I know if my husband truly does love me?
    True love can be shown in different ways, it depends on individuals difference or understanding. For couples, here is how to know if he truly love you. He will cherish you and always want to be with you. Makes out time to be with you. He will care about your feeling, physically, mentally and emotionally. He will care about your relationship with God. He will value your opinion just as he values you, not because without you he can't take decision but because he believes that you can say something meaningful too. He will appreciate every little efforts you make, no matter how small it may be. He will hardly complain against you, he knows you are not perfect but will not use it as advantage to make you look irrelevant in his life. Always proud of you both when with friends and even with family members. He will care about your sex life, your intimacy with him is important to him, he will always try to make it up to you. For him, you are the best gift he has received from God so he placed you above every other lady around. He will find it difficult to give attention to any lady because you have his attention 100% not because there are no other beautiful ladies around but because he believes that you are enough for him, for everything he wants in a woman. Read more at....
  • Allsinglesandmarried answered a question on Sep 03, 2020
    Is it time to divorce?
    If you want to fix a broken Marriage or Relationship, whether it's a recent romance or a long-distance relationship, you need some emotional kindling. Taking the following steps can bring tremendous changes and can also help you learn how to achieve rekindled love.   1) Use your Relationship polarity to your advantage. Having things in common with your partner is wonderful, but it's also true that opposite attract. This principle is called the law of polarity. Thinking back to when you guys first met, things were easy and were also going smooth between the both of you and the physical chemistry proved your instant attraction. As you work towards how to rekindle your relationship, remember to nurture your own natural energy and confidence, your partner was attracted to you in your natural state. Your natural energy and that of your partner works together to create the Relationship chemistry you are experiencing or wished to experience in your relationship with him or her. When working together in a naturally balanced way, none of you suppress your true self and you can be happy together as you are.   2) Be physical so the intimacy can grow. When time is tough and we are looking for how we can rekindle a relationship, many people face the trouble of being physical with their Partner. If you find yourself being less physical with your partner just to push the person away from your side, you have to immediately fix it because it's negatively affecting the health of your relationship. Fixing a broken Relationship is impossible when one or both of you are not ready to show physical affection.   3) Give the Relationship your best efforts. 
  • Allsinglesandmarried answered a question on Aug 21, 2019
    Husband sharing personal info with ex
    Involving a third-party in our Marriage Relationship is one the dangerous things that can ruin a happy Marriage. Your husband is involving a third-party in your Marriage with him and that's going to negatively affect the happiness of your marriage with him. How has your Relationship/friendship with him been for the past five years you have been married with him? Friendship is very crucial in Marriage because it builds confidence in the hearts of the couples and this would have also make him to believe in your opinion. Lovely make him to see reasons to share everything with you because you are capable of handling it emotionally. Read more at....
  • Allsinglesandmarried answered a question on Jul 22, 2020
    Lost in a futureless marriage.
    Thanks you said she is good in every other aspects including family too. In all things she does for you, the kids and the family in general, how many of them are you part off, physically, mentally and emotionally? When she is left to deal with the challenges alone, it will affect her sex life due to stress.
  • Allsinglesandmarried answered a question on Jul 22, 2020
    Why is my partner so uninterested in sex
    Sex, sex is something that every Married or co-habitating Partners would not allow themselves to miss. In one of those occasions you had the courage to ask him what is making him not to have interest in having sex with you, did you tried to find out how his job is affecting him emotionally which has become a serious challenge in your relationship with him? He may be facing some pressure due to his job but would not want to bother you with it. Research has that men that faces pressure in their offices most times find it difficult to have intimacy with their wife.
  • Allsinglesandmarried answered a question on Sep 07, 2020
    Can someone tell me what they think about this...?
    The challenges here are that both you and your husband find it hard to apologize and is seriously affecting your Marriage and also there is no friendship in the Marriage. Friendship is so powerful that it brings understanding in between the two hearts that truly love and appreciate each other. You would have apologized to him due to the fact that you didn't talk about going to the clubhouse to bring back your son instead you were talking about going to the gym. He overreacted for raising voice on you but all this is because there is no friendship existing between the both of you. Learn to apologize when you are wrong. "I'm sorry" has healed so many broken hearts and as well put smile in their faces.
  • Allsinglesandmarried answered a question on Sep 06, 2020
    I’m so dissatisfied with our sex life
    What you are facing is regarded as "disability", many Marriage Relationship has collapsed because they don't have the idea on how to deal with it. Yes every Marriage faces one Disability or the other but it's very crucial that it's dealt with appropriately. It's crucial that you help him work on his weight so you guys can enjoy your sex life except he doesn't care about your sex drive which is about to put your Marriage in trouble.
  • Allsinglesandmarried answered a question on Sep 06, 2020
    Husband doesn’t show any affection
    Hello, I can understand what you are facing emotionally and sincerely sympathize with you on that. The fact remains that your man maybe facing erectile problem which is making him not to have interest in you sexually and that has negatively affected him from being a romantic husband for you. Been that you guys did not date for at least one year before marriage, you don't know about his sexual life and he is finding it difficult to relate it with you regarding the fact that he doesn't know how you will feel about it. No complete man can Stay with his wife without approaching her for intimacy no matter how hectic his days may always be. With lovely voice, call his attention, don't insult him so he will not hide anything from you. Ask him about his sex life and how does he view sex both currently and in his previous relationship? If he doesn't give you good response, report him to someone in his family that he always listen to his or her words. It will be crucial that you guys visit the hospital so that his erectile issue will be resolved. 
  • Allsinglesandmarried answered a question on Sep 04, 2020
    My husband looks at pictures of his ex girlfriend regulars on instagram, should I be worried?
    Every broken relationship has a reason, likewise every divorce. It's obvious your husband is still seeing his ex. He still loves her, he still cherishes her, he still admires her and may even have been making love with her in your absence. It's very crucial for you to know the level of your sexual relationship with your husband. With a love voice, ask him to tell you how he wants it in the bedroom with you. It will be bad if he prefers his ex in the bedroom than you. One of the major reasons he will be going after his ex while still Married with you is sex or if she has a child for him. If she doesn't have a child for him, please take care of your sexual relationship with your husband. Sex is important, it brings two souls together and makes them one. 
  • Allsinglesandmarried answered a question on Jul 18, 2019
    spousal rape??
    Your spouse is feeling you don't have time for him and instead of him to cheat on you he decided to have sex with you while you were sleeping simply because you will give him reasons why you would not have sex with him if you are not asleep. For instance, you had a hectic day at work and still don't have time even while at home. It will interest you to know that the happiness of your Marriage is in your hand right now. Sex is one of the life wire in Marriage and Relationships, if you play with sex in your Marriage Relationship it will negatively affect the union or even cause a break up or divorce. You need to have time for your husband, give him sex, we all need attention from our spouses, give him attention and he will Stop having sex with you while you are asleep. If you involve any of the law enforcement agencies, he will be prosecuted for rape because he did it without your consent but believe me he will start cheating on you since you doesn't want have sex with him due to nature of your job. Will you blame him for cheating?
  • Allsinglesandmarried answered a question on Jul 18, 2019
    I just need some honest advice
    Some time, the challenges we face in life commands our lips to open while our tongue moves to ask "what exactly is happening in my life? Am i truly the one that's going through this challenges?" This question and many other ones has kept our lips open for a while. I want to draw your attention to a phrase that says "Marriage is not a bed of roses". I have always said that Marriage is a life of it's own and a world of it's own. Breaking up or divorcing him now will be capitalized on the hardship you guys are facing. You were with him before he lost his job, breaking up with him now will cause him emotional truama. This is one of the best moments he needs you in his life. Breaking up with him will seriously affect his life negatively. For the fact that he lost his job and he is not nagging, he is not abusing you in any manner, he is not ill treating you and he is making efforts to secure another job. This are good enough for you to stand with him physically, spiritually and emotionally. Stand with him spiritually. Be praying for him without ceasing and also make him to be committed with the things of God. Idle mind is dangerous and has made so many people to commit suicide, your prayers can move mountains in his life. Stand with him emotionally. Don't avoid him because he is frustrated right now, he needs you to remind him how much you love him, encourage him, make him to understand that in no time everything will fall in place. Standing with him physically. At least once a week, go out with him to beautiful places, play together, tell interesting and inspiring stories. This will make him to be safe than thinking of negative things will affect his life in the long run. With time, he will get a new job and you will be enjoying life with him again as you have always wanted.
  • Allsinglesandmarried answered a question on Aug 19, 2020
    How to get overwith breakup ?
    Dealing with break up or divorce has been a serious challenge for so many people over the years. You have to delete his or her phone number if it's still in your contact list, delete all the romantic messages you guys shared together when the Relationship was going well. Unfriend him or her in any social media you guys are connected in. Do away with the romantic picture you guys took together. You must deal with these emotions before you can be focus in your life
  • Allsinglesandmarried answered a question on Aug 20, 2020
    How can I save my marriage?
    It will interest you to know that even without you learning Russian language that your wife will still be in love with you. Making a woman to be happy is beyond speaking her language even though is an advantage. I have careful before now listed down what every woman wants from her man. Taking her around the world is not enough. Do you spend time with her? Do you give her attention? Do you occasionally cook with her or do some house chores with her?. 
  • Allsinglesandmarried answered a question on Sep 01, 2020
    Feeling suicidal after break up
    So many times we think that without a particular person in our lives we can't live our normal life where as is not true. Do you know that someone is crushing on you because your uniqueness. You want to kill yourself because of someone that has moved on with her life? Break up in Relationship is bound to happen without prior notice to the other person. Idleness is one of reason why you are thinking of suicide. Loneliness is another reason why you are thinking about suicide. I will implore you to read this, it will help you to get back yourself and move on and be happy with your life.
  • Allsinglesandmarried answered a question on Jul 10, 2020
    My wife cheated on me 3 months before our wedding. We still got married but I don’t feel the same toward her. Why do I feel this way 2 years later?
    When your marriage is falling apart due to infidelity or any other betrayal, there will be nothing quick about the healing. It will take months and possibly years to reach an emotional, physical, spiritual, and mental place that feels anything close to normal. Understandably, the person feels the pain of the initial betrayal so deeply that the idea of taking the difficult steps toward wholeness seems like signing on for more pain. And that’s not even the hard part. The hard part is retraining your mind to do things differently this time around. Establishing new habits in your marriage as you relate to your spouse and others is an absolute must. Battling thoughts left and right as your spiritual enemy attempts to place obstacles in your way is par for the course. Keeping a marriage healthy, even one that has not had a significant trauma requires training, maintenance, and goal setting. Doing what it takes when you actually feel like doing the opposite - that is what is required when you deeply care about something or someone. Restoring a marriage requires two people who are willing to do whatever it takes. This kind of restoration in a broken marriage doesn’t come cheap. In fact, it’s quite costly. It requires sacrificing every day, crying many tears, biting one’s tongue, choosing to place another’s needs ahead of your own, and enduring a lot of pain. But it is possible. Chris and I are living proof. We’ve traversed a major minefield since that fateful, February day in 2002, and although we’ve had some setbacks and disappointing circumstances, we have come out on the other side and now are experiencing a vibrant marriage. We are truly better than new. We continue to walk. One foot in front of the other. Holding each other’s hands and hearts as we go. Pressing into God and allowing Him to comfort us when we need comforting. Asking Him to change us in areas where we need changing. And begging Him to free us from things that hold us in bondage. 
  • Allsinglesandmarried answered a question on Jul 23, 2020
    Trust Issues
    It's obvious that you don't trust your husband anymore due to what you have seen him doing in secret which is seriously against your Marriage Relationship with him. Don't avoid him for any reason, Always communicate with him, it will help him deal with the emotion that is controlling him into doing these things. Let him know how much you love him and if he truly love you he should totally abstain from pornography regarding the fact that it's draining down emotionally and it's affecting your Marriage with him.
  • Allsinglesandmarried answered a question on Sep 04, 2020
    What are the possible reasons for regretting after getting divorced?
    Hey friends, Nobody goes for a divorce with a clear eyes, simply put, he or she is under pressure due to frustration, disappointment, unfaithfulness, abusiveness, name them, that he or she was facing in the Marriage Relationship. When she thinks she can't cope with it anymore, she went for divorce for the sake of her or any other personal reason. Now some regret when they remember the love shared together with her spouse, the values they have added to the lives of each other, the children involved and how will the children now cope with the challenges of been brought up by a single parent, she start regretting why she accepted divorce. Nobody goes for a divorce and wished to regret it later. 
  • Allsinglesandmarried answered a question on Sep 09, 2020
    Can you give me some advice for a happy marriage?
    The happiness of your Marriage I will say is in your hand. We all know that communication is one of the back bone of Marriage. Make sure that your communication with your spouse will in no way have issues. Through communication your can feel the verbal emotions of your spouse towards you. Sex on it's own is also important in marriage, sex brings two souls together. Sex create bond between two loving couples too.
  • Allsinglesandmarried answered a question on Aug 13, 2020
    Is it time to walk away?
    Permit me to say here that you made a mistake in the first place. While you were in Relationship that's when you should have known the kind of lifestyle he lives. The kind of friends he keeps and all that. Been in Relationship with handsome man or a beautiful woman is more than having sex anytime you want to have sex. The primary reason for been in a relationship is to know the lifestyle of the person before accepting to marry him or her. Right in the relationship before you became pregnant for him, you should have known if his level of drunkenness is accepted by you or not. For the fact that you are no longer enjoying the marriage, you should make a choice now which is; Do you want to still stay in Marriage because of your child? Because from what you said here you don't love him anymore. Do you want to go out of the marriage and remarry? If you think you can remarry base on your age, then you can excuse him out of your life.