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  • Walcott answered
    Should same sex marriage be legalised globally?
    This is a tough question to answer. It depends on one’s personal beliefs and standards. Some people believe it should and that it would remain completely unfair not to because it is ripping someone away from their personal right. Others believe that same sex marriage is against their values and that marriage should only be between a man and a woman. This is such a hot topic in the media today and it is not a question that can be given a simple answer, but rather in fact, a very complex one. It is difficult for many to say which is the right answer to give on this issue.
  • Walcott answered
    I need relationship advice as I do not want to break up.
    First, get to the bottom of what is causing the discord. Dig deep and search inside to discover how you are contributing and then take full ownership and responsibility for your part with your partner. Then, provide him or her with completely open, nonjudgmental, comfortable, and safe space to air out whatever he or she needs to. And then, share in dialog and get help and input from really good friends. If that doesn’t work, move on to the next step and seek help from a professional that is trained and well-respected in the field.
  • Walcott answered
    What is the recipe for a happy marriage? How can I nourish my relationship?
    The ingredients for a happy marriage include compassion, openness, passion, union, commitment, nourishment, intimacy, vulnerability, and honesty. Solid and consistent communication, nonjudgmental attitudes, valuing something higher than yourselves, holding a standard beyond yourselves, and unconditional love and regard are also all significant aspects of a successful and content relationship. If you have all of these ingredients in a partnership, then you are on the road to having a terrific marriage that will last. You can nourish your marriage by bringing in any one of these components of the recipe into your daily relationship with one another. Start with an open, vulnerable, and honest heart and seek to truly want to know and draw out your spouse.
  • Walcott answered
    How helpful is online premarital counseling?
    Online premarital counseling could be very beneficial if you put your full hearts into it. Both partners must be really invested and committed. They must be willing to take the risk of really putting themselves out there in completely honest and open vulnerability. If that can be done then it could perhaps be as great as in-person sessions. Just make sure whoever you get help from is trained and knows what they are doing. nThat is the most important thing. If the counselor isn’t qualified you may end up in more trouble than where you started because the techniques will not be too helpful in and of themselves.
  • Walcott answered
    What are some cool wedding present ideas?
    There are so many cool wedding present ideas out there. It is difficult to know the best present for the couple getting married without personally knowing them. Having that intimate knowledge of who they are is how to determine the best and coolest gift for them. Otherwise, by reading someone else’s ideas you may end up getting something that one person thinks is cool, but the couple you are gifting to, do not. Some ideas to build off of could include a useful household item that they will use daily, a personalized picture frame because you know they will be getting pictures taken on their special day, or a beautiful ornamental gift that will last a long time, such as a personalized hand-crafted vase.
  • Walcott answered
    Is horoscope compatibility important for marriage?
    The importance of horoscope compatibility for your marriage, depends on if you believe it is. Some people think it can say a lot about your marriage and help a great deal to gain insight into different areas of your relationship. But, others may say it is very challenging and difficult to bring something like horoscope compatibility into your relationship to determine much substantial about it. Horoscopes can be limited in nature and can steer you in a direction that you may not normally go, or could lead you in a direction that opens your eyes to something new about your marriage. To say that it is important for your marriage is a strong statement though.