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  • WHITE43 answered
    What are the most commonly asked marriage questions?
    Copasetic sex life. How active are you sexually? What can be tolerated in sex and what cannot be? How often is sex accepted by both? If sexualities differ, how is it sorted?
  • WHITE43 answered
    What is the secret recipe for a happy marriage?
    Actions are louder than words. While reaffirming that you love them really matters a lot, doing something often will be a great thing to do. This could be as simple as buying a rose. They will understand that you are thinking about them and you value them enough to go out of the way to do something that expresses care and love
  • WHITE43 answered
    How does marriage counselling help me in the long run?
    Marriage counselling will help talk about problems that were kept away from discussions. It helps address conflicts constructively and help solve them so that love can be without any problems
  • WHITE43 answered
    How can marriage counseling be done effectively?
    The couple should also be cooperative for the counseling to be effective. If the couple are ignorant over the suggestions give, there is no point in giving counseling in the first place. Respecting the counselor and having an honest attitude to fix problems is important.