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  • WEST54 answered
    My husband is verbally abusive. What should I do?
    Ask him to go to counseling with you. If he refuses, get someone he respects, such as his father, to ask him. Abuse is one of the top reasons for getting a divorce You must help him deal with the issue but if he refuses to stop or is not interested in changing his behavior, then it's best to move out or make it clear that you will leave him.
  • WEST54 answered
    How marriage counseling can help couples?
    Marriage counseling can help couples by allowing them to each air out issues in a safe and mediated space.
  • WEST54 answered
    How to find marriage counselling agency?
    Google it. There are dozens of marriage counseling agencies in any large city, and a few in the suburbs.
  • WEST54 answered
    What is the advice for a happy marriage?
    Remember, neither of you are right 100% of the time. Always be willing to apologize, and never forget the reasons why you love this person. Make sure to show some physical affection each day, if possible.
  • WEST54 answered
    I am having an affair with my boss. How can I hide this truth from my husband?
    Hide this truth? Are you serious? You are in a marriage and that is not a joke. Please reflect on what you are doing. You need to be serious and fully aware of your actions. If you think your marriage is over, then go ahead and divorce your husband but  he needs to know about it. But if you want to re-think this over, then please end the cheating, and discuss how you can improve your marriage. Your marriage can be saved after infidelity. You can even seek professional help or get advice from family members on this subject.
  • WEST54 answered
    I love dating different men. Can you tell me how can I get out of this habit as I am getting married soon?
    You need to be firstly sure that you are fully ready for a commitment like marriage. If you have found that special someone with whom you see your future with, then you will get over the desire of seeing different men and experience great joy in a monogamous relationship. But you need to be ready for marriage first. Check this website's Readiness section -  and really think if you ready for  a marriage.