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  • VannessaSharma answered
    What is the secret recipe for a happy marriage?
    Being transparant with your spouse is very essential for your marriage. Take off secrets between you both as you are one flesh and secrets do not exist there. Seriously! Talk about likes and dislikes and explore each other. Have time to give surprises and shocks.
  • VannessaSharma answered
    What makes a good marriage?
    It really isn't a problem who makes more money in the house as this changes by profession these days. Men are mostly affected by this and this should be not the case. If your man is not worried about this fact or at least ready to give that feeling up, then this is a good marriage.
  • VannessaSharma answered
    What makes a marriage successful?
    Marriage can be encouraging if you stop refraining from being social. Being together in married life does not mean confinement and this should be understood by both. Let the other person go with friends and have fun. This is a good way to understand a healthy married life.
  • VannessaSharma answered
    Can you give me some advice for a happy marriage?
    If you want your partner to be close to you, you need to touch him/her more often. Touch increases intimacy between you two and also secrets love hormones that help you bond with each other. Besides, spreading love, this has science backing it up.
  • VannessaSharma answered
    What are the secrets to a happy marriage?
    You are two different people who can never agree on something. Accept this fact and live with this. If you can muster this and understand, this is a big win for you. You can accept your spouse the way he/she is and get on with life happily.
  • VannessaSharma answered
    What is the meaning of marriage in the Bible?
    Marriage happens early in Bible as well. If you check Genesis, Adam calls even his bone and flesh and hence the name "woman" who is "from man". This shows the intimacy of marriage and the level of oneness the Father expects of you.
  • VannessaSharma answered
    How does marriage counselling help me in the long run?
    Nothing beats counselling at times. At times, couples feel like both of them are right and they are not able to agree. Walk to a counselor and check who is wrong. Ensure that this counselor is either a common friend or a good one who can assess the situation without biases.
  • VannessaSharma answered
    What are some marital counseling questions to ask?
    What is the primary source conflict? This helps get a gist of the problem and where it is going towards and helps fix it faster.
  • VannessaSharma answered
    Does asking marriage counselling questions strengthen your relationship?
    Taking counseling really helps because it makes the couple talk about things that they have never talked about. Enriching the understanding of each other is what happens here. This greatly helps in fixing problems faster instead of making it worse.
  • VannessaSharma answered
    Can you tell me how to fix a marriage without counseling?
    If you two are ready to sit and talk about a problem and fix it, then it is all well and good. However, this cannot happen always and hence a counselor needs to be put in that place to talk for you and fix things. Tell him the whole situation and let him/her assess the problem and fix it for you.