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  • Userunknown2019 asked
    Can't orgasm anymore after marriage
    Alright, so let me give you all the details. First, I am a Christian. I struggled with a porn addiction for many years (like more than 10). I have recently overcame that addiction with the help of the Lord Jesus Christ and also my now wife. She knew that I had an addiction to porn and it was ruining our relationship. I had enough and was tired of all the lies the enemy was telling me. So within the past 6 months or so I have stopped it and probably have been clean for at least 3 months. I just recently got married and on the honeymoon I orgasmed a lot but it started to die off and now haven't been able to even come close to orgasming. We were both virgins and she can still orgasm but I can't even get half way there it seems like. I started to look online and see articles and forums that said maybe he's cheating or orgasming by himself, which I'm definitely not doing. Also I saw that I might have more stress, which I don't think I do. So I don't know what to do and getting concerned. I have not had any change in my meds nor stopped taking any. Maybe someone out there can help me of what's going on.