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  • TheDetailedDiva answered
    Is horoscope compatibility important for marriage?
    I would never say that horoscope compatibility is important for marriage, but at the same time I have always been amazed at how accurate compatibility claims were for the men I dated. I would go out with a man and we just would not click. The energy between us was really strained or tense and then I would find out his sign and it was always the signs I was not supposed to be compatible with. Bottom line, I think there are more important things to keep in mind besides a horoscope especially when we’re talking about marriage, but it ultimately depends on the person’s belief system.
  • TheDetailedDiva answered
    Is it possible to flirt without flirting?
    I am a natural born flirt. It’s not something I intend to do. I don’t do it with any malice in mind, but for me, there is a general light, playfulness to my interactions, which I think sometimes come off as flirting. My friends tell me I’m flirting when I’m not even aware of it.
  • TheDetailedDiva answered
    Looking for unique anniversary gift ideas. Please suggest.
    I love this! I think anytime you go out of your way to do something unique, the receiver of your gift will instantly know how much care and thought you put into it and so will be happy and grateful no matter what it is. One year I collected sand and shells from the different trips we took and layered them into a clear glass vase. On the vase I used a label maker to put the name of the place for each layer. It looked really nice and I think my husband liked it. He still has it in his office.
  • TheDetailedDiva answered
    "Plan to propose very soon. Need creative proposal ideas. "
    I know this sounds cheesy, but I’ve always liked the idea of finding an engagement ring in my cereal box! I mean I don’t know if that’s the best place to put an expensive ring, but maybe you can leave it in a small box? Oh, I also love the idea of a picnic proposal! A nice, but thoughtful picnic by a lake or something with a blanket. The more intimate the better!
  • TheDetailedDiva answered
    Should same sex marriage be legalised globally?
    For me, the answer is yes. One group should not be denied access to one thing while another group is denied that same access. Period. If ever there were a compelling reason other than religion to ban such access then I would listen to the argument with an open mind.
  • TheDetailedDiva answered
    Tell me some awesome gifts for my girlfriend.
    Every girl is different. Unfortunately, there is no absolute way for me to know what the perfect gift will be since I don’t know your girlfriend, but I think I can still help out. I would focus on trying to accomplish at least one of these two things: make her feel pretty and/or make her have fun.
  • TheDetailedDiva answered
    Tell me some great 50th anniversary gift items I can gift my parents.
    Wow. 50 years! That is incredible! I honestly think that at this point in their lives and in their marriage they’ve gotten pretty much all they need, so I would focus on getting or doing something thoughtful. Maybe a photo with all their kids and grandchildren. A dvd with streaming pictures of their lives as a couple. One year I took a handful of old VHS tapes and had them converted to DVD. My parents loved it!
  • TheDetailedDiva answered
    What are common relationship problems?
    Sadly, I think money is a big concern for couples. I think sometimes everyone gets caught up trying to live a life they can’t really afford and debt just piles up. It’s really easy to put things on a credit card and forget about it until it’s too late.
  • TheDetailedDiva answered
    What are depression counseling techniques?
    I don’t know the real technical term for things, but my friends have mentioned just meeting with a counselor to talk through some of their issues. It helps if the person seeking the counseling can identify what the problem is even if they can’t find the right way to express it. I have also heard that group sessions are an option and can help.
  • TheDetailedDiva answered
    What are marriage vows? What is their significance?
    Vows are something like promises that a couple recites out loud, usually in front of friends and family and in a marriage ceremony of some kind. I think they’re meant as a sort of verbal commitment to do certain things. I think for me, the significance comes from professing these intentions out loud and with witnesses. It’s almost like a promise to a community as well. It’s saying, I promise to do right by this member of your tribe.
  • TheDetailedDiva answered
    What are some imporant marriage and relationship questions to ask?
    I think talking about family life expectations is important. Will both of you work? Do you want children? How important is faith to each of you? I think having a general discussion about lifestyle is also key. You don’t want to go into something with unrealistic expectations or you don’t want to be the person who felt blindsided.
  • TheDetailedDiva answered
    What are the best gifts for newlyweds?
    I think every newlywed couple is different. My good friend just got married and what they both really wanted instead of gifts was money so they could go on their dream honeymoon. They did register to a couple of usual sites, but they made it very clear on their wedding invitation that they would prefer donations.
  • TheDetailedDiva answered
    What is a relationship? Why is it so complicated?
    A relationship is any union of two or more people. And I think that’s part of the biggest problem right there. Whenever more than one person is involved, there is another point of view to factor in. All of a sudden you have to think about the other person as much, if not more, than you think about yourself. Being in a healthy relationship means being less selfish than what we’re used to.
  • TheDetailedDiva answered
    What is the best relationship advice for women?
    If I’ve learned anything it’s that I must be honest, open, and vocal about my needs. My husband wants to make me happy. He’s a good man. I just need to let him know how to do that instead of trying to make him guess all the time. Not saying what I need just makes things more difficult than they need to be.
  • TheDetailedDiva answered
    What is the most appropriate age to have a baby?
    Generally speaking, I would say your late 20s and early 30s are a good time to have children, but it depends on other things besides age as well. I don’t think you should ever have children if you can’t really afford them. I know none of us thinks we can afford them lol but I mean in the sense that you should be able to (at least) provide for their basic needs without the help of others.
  • TheDetailedDiva answered
    My friend's wedding is round the corner. Please suggest some wedding gifts for friends.
    Most couples nowadays have signed up for what’s called a Registry. This is when they’ve selected a store (or two or three) where they know exactly what they want and they’ve made a list of all the things for all of their guests to see. You go to the store, look up their Registry list and find an item that you want to give them that you like and fits in with your budget. It’s really the easiest thing!
  • TheDetailedDiva answered
    How can I improve my relationship with communication techniques to avoid conflict?
    In my Conflict Management course we learned this technique where one person said something while the other person just listened. After the first person spoke then the other person just repeated exactly what the other person said. It was supposed to help you really learn how to listen effectively without interrupting or changing the other person’s words.
  • TheDetailedDiva answered
    Why do men cheat in most cases?
    I think in most cases men cheat because they have been neglected or ignored at home. I know that’s a really hard thing for some women to hear, and I’m not at all saying this excuses the man’s behavior, I just think maybe it explains it. I think it’s very easy for the woman to forget she’s a mother AND a wife. 
  • TheDetailedDiva answered
    Is dating a married man ethically correct?
    My initial reaction to this question was to say that it’s ridiculous and it is not at all acceptable to date a married man. However, sometimes a man may be technically married even though they are separated and no longer living together. I still don’t think it’s a smart decision, but I don’t think it’s unethical in the cases where the couple is going through the divorce process.
  • TheDetailedDiva answered
    Does indulging in dating after divorce correct?
    I would not recommend for anyone to date immediately after a divorce. Your feelings will be so complicated for a while. I think the best thing for a person to do is to try to spend some time alone and not try to jump into another relationship right away. In most instances you will not be ready to date anyone and it wouldn’t be fair to the other person.