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  • SunFlower answered
    How should I save my marriage from falling apart?
    If you feel that your marriage is falling apart, search for quality professional help and do it quick. First thing to do is ask for recommendations about marriage counseling in your community or check online and make an appointment. SUMMERS is right, both partners are needed to fix a marriage and professional therapist my guide your reconnection and healing process.
  • SunFlower answered
    How to solve marriage problems at the early stage?
    Good communication is the base level of a healthy relationship. It could be your lifebelt in early stage marriage problems. Talk with your partner in a caring manner about everything that bothers you and serch for a solutioun together. Solving problems together may grow your bondage stronger.
  • SunFlower answered
    What are the most common marriage problems and how to solve them?
    The most common marital problem is alienation between spouses due to broken communication, trust issues or lack of intimacy.
  • SunFlower answered
    We are newlyweds and I am suspicious of my mother-in-law of not being happy with me. How can I save our marriage?
    Well, you are in a delicate situation.. you need to be very diplomatic and careful not to put your partner in a position to pick a side between his mother and you.
  • SunFlower answered
    What are the basic steps to save a marriage?
    SHAW54 gave you a good answer. Good communication, respect and a strong will to fix the issues may be called the basic level for saving a marriage. Bare in mind that it takes two to fix a relationship! Talk with your spouse and search for a professional help if needed.
  • SunFlower answered
    What are the ways of healing a marriage?
    First thing you should know is that both partners are needed to heal a marriage. And, as SHAW45 said above, it is up to the damage. I shall recommend a marriage counseling as a trusted guide in your healing process. And, remember, it is nobody's fault. To blame your partner for the situation is not a good idea.
  • SunFlower answered
    How can I make my life stable by avoiding all marriage problems?
    Dear HICKS54, be realistic, please. There is no way to avoid all marriage problems but you can pick your battles, respect your partner and be flexible in quickly changing situations. And always remember the reasons you chose this person for your lifetime partner :) Wish you luck!
  • SunFlower answered
    I need some relationship guidance as I am going through a bad phrase of my relationship. Help!
    Dear COHEN64, what is the situation? Is there anybody around you to talk with? Do you need to find a shelter quick? Please, give us more information or contact someone trusted who can help you.
  • SunFlower answered
    Relationship troubles are affecting my heath now. What should I do? I don't want a break-up.
    Dear PARKS43, I think your body is giving you signs that you are not into a healthy relationship. If the idea for a break up is so unacceptable for you at this moment you may try a short time separation and see if your health and body tonus improve. Maybe you shall understand that it is better for you to stay away from this partner, no matter how strong feelings you have. Love yourself first!
  • SunFlower answered
    Is there one piece of advice that can save my marriage from divorce?
    What are the issues that pushed your marriage to the stage where divorce is the only option? If you are searching for one piece of advice it shall be marriage counseling. At least give it a try.
  • SunFlower answered
    What is the secret of second marriage after divorce?
    The second time you choose wiser and think longer before you say "yes" :))
  • SunFlower answered
    What are the easiest ways of solving a marriage problem?
    The easiest way to solve a marriage problem is to discuss it with your spouse and try to fix it together. And again, not to forget, it is up to the problem but good communication in a relationship can help fixing almost everything.
  • SunFlower answered
    How can I find a marriage counselor in my area? I want to do this discreetly.
    You may find a marriage councelor on internet, just make sure to check his/hers online reputation before making an appointment.
  • SunFlower answered
    How can I make my marriage work naturally? Why does it have to be so hard?
    Dear DIAZ653, if you are trying to change your spouse you should know that it won't work. Instead of forcing a change start being an example and see what happens next. Try living with the flow, not against it and natural laws shall supportyour connection.
  • SunFlower answered
    What makes a marriage happy?
    The good bond between the spouses is what makes a marriage happy. It can be achieved by quality time spent together, meaningful comversation, deep respect and passionate nights.. the rest Ileave on your imagination ;)
  • SunFlower answered
    Need advice on dating and romance in married life.
    Dear REYES53, you shall do your best to remain the sexy lady he fall in love with :) Keep the sparks alive. Drink a bottle of wine on the beach, cook together, meet him pretty each night he comes home, ride bikes in the park, send him naughty messages when he's away and kiss with passion :)
  • SunFlower answered
    Are marriage workshops really helpful or just a waste of money?
    Marriage workshops may help you reconnect with your spouse by doing things together again, as a team. After years of busy lifestiye building a career and chasing profits in a very competative time people forget what was it all about - to provide for your family. And in time you lose the connection with your partner as you spend less and less time together because your job requires complete dedication..
  • SunFlower answered
    Love, relationships and even marriages - why are they all so complicated?
    It is what you name it to be :) If you say it's complicated, it really is :) Please take some time to build a healthy connection with yourself, to embrase your being and believe in yourself, learn how to love yourself first and pimp up your self respect and appearence. Next time you start a relationship it shall be on a whole different level - deep, respectful, caring :)
  • SunFlower answered
    What's the harm in secret dating?
    If it has to be secret you'd better not be part of it :) It can ruin your self esteen, reputation, emotions, marriage..
  • SunFlower answered
    Do children of divorced parents face issues if they wish to go for a second marriage?
    When kids are loved and treated with respect they should face no issues in a second marriage of any of their parents.