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  • SharenThroneberry answered
    What is the secret recipe for a happy marriage?
    Like working out your physique, workout your love as this is a responsibility without which it grows weak just like your body. We always need to be active in love as well. This might seem like a joke but it holds such value and truth in it. Keep the relationship fun and always interesting.
  • SharenThroneberry answered
    What makes a good marriage?
    You can tell it is a good marriage when couples share household chores. Responsibilities must be shared including work in the house without partiality tells a good marriage that reciprocates.
  • SharenThroneberry answered
    What makes a marriage successful?
    Marriage can be better if you can spend more time with each other than you spend with your smartphones with the social media. Have a friend who really cares? Well, it is stepping in the way of your relationship and this is bad. Spend time and make them feel special! With social media, divorce rates are only increasing and certain apps have made it 40% more easier to cheat on spouses.
  • SharenThroneberry answered
    Can you give me some advice for a happy marriage?
    Small gestures make a lot of difference. Yes! A vacation to the Bahamas would greatly enrich the relationship but do not wait 4 years for that to happen. A kiss while she is cooking would do the job. Be each others' best friend. It helps fulfilling their desires.
  • SharenThroneberry answered
    What are the secrets to a happy marriage?
    You cannot find one married couple who have never disagreed or fought. Fights, paradoxically increases the love as they get to understand the other. The best way to make it useful is to use that medium to understand each other and come to a conclusion of fixing the problem instead of making it worse. Talk about it and fix it and keep the relationship aromatic and romantic.
  • SharenThroneberry answered
    What is the meaning of marriage in the Bible?
    Husbands should love their wives like how Christ loves the church. Christ was so affectionate on the Church that he laid down his life for the Church. In return, wives must submit to husbands and this means respect and authority. This does not mean inequality by the way.
  • SharenThroneberry answered
    How does marriage counselling help me in the long run?
    People like seeing things from out of the box. This cannot happen in marriage because for some reaosn you are already inside of it. Therefore, getting a counselor will help get another opinion that is more profound in helping two people stay together without many conflicts. It helps a relationship well.
  • SharenThroneberry answered
    What are some marital counseling questions to ask?
    Are you in love the same way you were in love when you first got married? What has changed the intimacy levels? Are there any changes at all? If no, what do you think brought you here? Why is there problems in this relationship?
  • SharenThroneberry answered
    Does asking marriage counselling questions strengthen your relationship?
    Counselor's help greatly helps a relationship become stronger. It offers great pointers about the relationship that helps boost closeness with each other. This view helps you understand what is going wrong with the marriage that needs changing.
  • SharenThroneberry answered
    Can you tell me how to fix a marriage without counseling?
    If you are ready to get into your partner's shoes and understand what she/he is feeling then you are a great person. This is probably the best receipe to a successful marriage. When problems occur, without counseling this can help fix issues that crop up and disturb a happy life. Make sure to agree with what they are saying and get over the problem.