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Rock Kickass

  • Rock Kickass asked
    Late Night Texting
    So, I've been out of the country for a couple of months, and I've come to find out upon my return that my wife of 18 years has been texting with a dude at work (also married) at all hours of the day and night, even some nights while I'm sleeping next to her. She texts with him while we're out together, and doesn't seem to have any other friends that she texts with on this level. Upon my discovery of this, I brought up that I was uncomfortable with it, and that while I trust her, I would like for her to tone it down a notch, and her response has been that I wouldn't understand and that showing me the messages would only bring up further questions. I haven't asked to see the conversations, but the withdrawl from her each time I've brought it up over the last couple of days makes me thing there's more than what's being shown on the surface. This is the first time in 22 years of being together that I've ever felt any level of mistrust in my marriage. I'm 100% committed to my marriage, both physically and emotionally, so this has definitely thrown me for a loop. Any advice is appreciated.
  • Rock Kickass asked
    She didn’t acknowledge my gift...
    So, we made an agreement and i said that I wouldn’t bother her while she was at work. I downloaded a thing that had 50 little cards to fill out about your marriage and when I felt like I needed to call her during the day, I filled one out each day for 50 straight days. It was a nice distraction and I felt like I was doing something that would maybe bring us closer. I put them in a photo album with occasional pictures of us from through the 25 years we’ve been together and left the album on her desk as a surprise. Well, much to my disappointment, she has yet to acknowledge the gift. I feel like I put six to seven weeks of heartfelt effort into this gift, so it might be nice to acknowledge it, if even just a little bit. Am I being selfish here, or should I ask what the deal is?