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  • Riv1093 asked
    Why is he avoiding divorce if he's the one who left?
    My husband left me almost 3 years ago. His affair began as a long distance and he has lived with his affair partner 20 hours away for almost a year and a half. He appears to be have an entirely new life. He husband was pushing for divorce for the first year and a half but never did anything about it. Then just after he moved in with her, he sent a divorce petition but then immediately disappeared and stopped sending or answering emails or texts. Since then, any time I try to discuss it or move forward, he avoids me. We don't have any children and have no assets to split. He won't speak to me on the phone and we haven't seen each other or heard each other's voices for over a year and a half. He says he has no access to email and no longer uses his account. He only rarely answers text messages and when he does, he is vague and claims to be extremely busy. I'm confused, why is he avoiding the divorce if he left?