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  • POWELL20 answered
    Need marriage advice for newlyweds
    Enjoy the honeymoon together. Get some rest after the wedding and create special memories that will last you a lifetime. Once you are back and the initial wedding bliss fizzes out, make sure to keep the romance alive by nurturing your relationship every day. Be nice to each other, help in the daily chores and do everything possible to make your relationship the best it can be. Also remember, that your spouse is human and capable of making mistakes. Learn to let go of petty arguments, hurts and notions – practice forgiveness in your marriage.
  • POWELL20 answered
    Are marriage workshops really helpful or just a waste of money?
    Just like any service, marriage workshops run the full gamut of excellent to ordinary. Some may even be downright harmful to a relationship, so it’s important to know what to look for and what to avoid. Look for a marriage workshop that: • Has a proven track record of success • Is in alignment with your goals and values • Utilizes a system of therapy you can get behind Avoid a marriage workshop that: • Seems glamorous but offers little substance • Doesn’t seem to have a clear path to success • Embraces a philosophy you can’t agree with
  • POWELL20 answered
    How can I date my husband? We're a married couple and he seems uninterested.
    Dating your spouse for the health and vitality of your marriage is an absolute must. Make sure to do it on a regular basis. If you think your husband is not interested, then speak to him and express your desire to go out and spend some quality time with him. It does not have to be an expensive affair; even taking an evening walk after dinner and enjoying some ice-cream counts! And if you want to make it more elaborate, put on your best dress and make-up and book movie tickets and dinner for him. Who said dating arrangements have to made by the man only? Treat him and he will surely love it.
  • POWELL20 answered
    What makes a marriage happy?
    Happy marriages usually have a few things going for them. First, they have realistic expectations of marriage and of each other. They don’t expect to get everything they need from one relationship. Second, they let the little things slide. If you constantly nitpick at one another, you will never be happy. It spawns a game of one-upmanship that cripples relationships. Third, happy couples spend time together doing things they enjoy. The importance of doing pleasant activities together cannot be overstated. When it comes to surviving the day to day troubles in marriage, having a strong and loving foundation is essential.
  • POWELL20 answered
    What is the best advice to give to couples regarding marriage?
    Researchers have identified several factors that can lead to a lasting union, although varying information sometimes conflicts. Some good advice is to wait to get married until you’re at least 25, since couples who marry younger are likelier to divorce. Couples who wait too long, though, also experience problems, so you should aim for getting married before you’re 40. It helps to have the same value system and faith as your spouse, and to get on the same page about child rearing before having a child. That’s because some of the core conflicts have to do with religion and children.
  • POWELL20 answered
    After a case of infidelity, can counseling really help?
    Counseling can be especially helpful when a couple is in crisis. After a case of infidelity, a couples counselor will help both partners process their feelings about it. They’ll help you explore the root causes for the unfaithful behavior, and make suggestions that will help improve your marital foundations. They may also work to strengthen the underlying mental health of both parties, addressing problems such as low self-esteem, abuse or neglect, and power imbalances that fostered a negative environment in the first place. Lastly, they will help the couple rebuild trust and believe in each other again.
  • POWELL20 answered
    I want to know some trust building excercises for couples. Please share!
    There are many different ways for couples to build trust. Here are some simple trust exercises. · Try learning something together that neither one of you has ever done before. Learning together builds trust and increases intimacy. · Share a secret that makes you feel sad or bad. The partner should offer support and a safe space for sharing. · Do something together that you find frightening, like riding on a roller coaster or taking a zip line ride. When you overcome your fears together it builds trust. Remember that trust also comes from being able to depend on your partner, so it’s important you don’t let each other down.
  • POWELL20 answered
    What is alienation of affection?
    Alienation of affection is a legal term that is mostly used in cases of family law, including divorce and custody cases. It seeks to make someone liable for damages when that person knowingly or intentionally drives family members apart. The term can be applied to situations where the affection of a spouse is seen to have been alienated from the other spouse by a third party, such as a lover. More often, the phrase refers to alienation of a child’s affection from one parent by the other during a custody suit. The legal principle is founded in common law, but is not supported in most states.
  • POWELL20 answered
    Are women seeking men for pleasure more often?
    It is true that the sexual revolution of the 1970s has made it culturally acceptable for women to seek out and spend time with men purely for enjoyment – whether that be casual dating, friendship, even sexual relationships. That’s not to say that women didn’t do these things prior to that time, but that there was much more of a taboo in place around women’s sexual and romantic desires. The change in women’s attitudes has made them more likely to seek out men just for pleasure, in a no strings attached type of relationship, especially since widely available birth control has made that option less risky.
  • POWELL20 answered
    I have had an affair with many married men. Now I want to get out of these complicated relationships, please help.
    If you can understand the reason for the behavior, then (and only then) you can make a change. It’s impossible to change your mind about something until you’ve explored why you make the choices you do right now. Many times, when a woman has many affairs with married men, she also: · doesn’t expect much from a man · experiences feelings of insecurity · needs validation from others · devalues herself To address some of the root causes, try learning a new skill, joining a therapy group or hobby circle to make supportive new friends, and journaling about negative self-talk.
  • POWELL20 answered
    Need dating advice for married people.
    Two best dating rules for married couples: Rule No1: Phones down during dates! Nothing is as important as the one in front of you. Rule No 2: Don’t let the kids bother you. Dating is your special time with your spouse… You can worry about the kids later. Dating Ideas: 1) Arrange an at-home date. Cook a special dinner or order some exotic dessert and have it while watching your favorite movie. 2) Take an early morning or evening bike ride together. Explore the place together. Stop at a quaint café for breakfast or enjoy an ice cream or any other treat of your choice along the way. 3) Visit your local zoo. Or a museum. Or go for a salsa night together! 4) Do something to nurture your spiritual life. Go to the church and pray together in silence. 5) Look through old photo albums and tell each other stories of your childhood and families