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  • PEREZ4 answered
    Can you suggest some tips that can help me with my marriage problems.
    Newly married couples have a hard time managing money as security and trust comes into play. This can bring confusions and conflicts. Planning as a couple to avoid conflicts is a great way to handle finances. Talk over how much money will be put together for spending as a family and how much will be saved to spend individually. Make sure that the latter is relatively very less as you are family now and need to spend finances together.
  • PEREZ4 answered
    What is the secret recipe for a happy marriage?
    The secret to a happy marriage is exercising love. Love is a responsibility and an exercise. We always need to practice it by expressing the love to one another and taking the effort to let the other one know that they are special and valued. This will keep the relationship warm.
  • PEREZ4 answered
    What questions to answer before getting married?
    Are we happy with the love-making schedules followed? Do we have to increase the frequency? How often? Are you both comfortable with it?
  • PEREZ4 answered
    How should I fix a marriage?
    There are many books and websites out there with tips on how to fix a struggling marriage. I would suggest going to a bookstore and leafing through a few of the books and find one that speaks to you.
  • PEREZ4 answered
    What questions about marriage should I ask?
    How much debt, if any, do you have? If you have debt, are you working to pay it off? Do you have better job opportunies?