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  • Oceanlover answered
    My husband must be planning a surprise for our anniversary. What are the best anniversary gifts for him?
    You're anniversary gift to your husband doesn't have to include you. If this isn't a problem for him, send him on an adventure featuring something that he loves doing, such as a golf or fishing trip. If you do want to be a part of it, arrange for a get away for the two of you where he can still indulge in his favorite pastimes.
  • Oceanlover answered
    What are common relationship problems?
    Every relationship has it's problems, some not as serious as others. It may just be constant bickering, nagging, pet peeves which irritate you from time to time or the big ones that I've listed below: 1 Cheating/ lack of faithfulness 2. Dishonesty 3. Lack of trust 4. Lack of respect 5. Lack of communication
  • Oceanlover answered
    What are the signs and symptoms of pregnancy?
    It is important to know that not every woman is the same. What one woman may experience, may not be the same as another. You may not experience any or you may experience all. It depends on your body. 1. Missed menstrual cycle 2. Tiredness 3. Spotting 4. Cramping 5. Mood swings 6. Food cravings 7. Tender breasts 8. Frequent urination 9. Nausea
  • Oceanlover answered
    What is couple therapy retreats?
    A couple's therapy retreat is a trip taken by a couple, usually married to meet with counselors and relationship experts in an effort to fix or better their relationshp. It can take place at a camping site, on an island or just anywhere that is removed from the fast paced city life.
  • Oceanlover answered
    What is the definition of romantic love?
    Romantic love is the kind of love related to sexual desire. It is heavily controlled by emotions such a passion and desire. It is the opposite of platonic love, where you have no sexual desires for that person whatsoever. it is believed that this kind of love alone cannot be be sustained for years and years.
  • Oceanlover answered
    Suggest me a long distance relationship advice that can help me sustain my relationship.
    Long distance relationships are based on trust. So that's one thing you'll definitely need. You'll also need lots of communication or the distance can draw you away from each other. Lastly, you'll need patience. Patience to make it work and understand your partner's needs from so many miles away.
  • Oceanlover answered
    How to concieve a baby boy?
    Some people believe that implantation during certain sexual positions have been shown to determine the sex of the baby. There's no factual proof that this works but you can give it a shot. There's also the belief that the sperm which carry the Y sex chromosome are faster than the ones which carry the X. This means that the closer the sperm are released to the egg, the better chance there is of having a male child.
  • Oceanlover answered
    Having a baby in a troubled marriage is a wrong decision?
    Some people believe that having a child can close the gap between the troubled couple. I know of one or two couples that it has worked for, so maybe it's worth a try. However, if this partner has become abuse, I wouldn't suggest bring a child into that kind of environment.
  • Oceanlover answered
    Why can people do bad things when they are bad and then good things are done while filters are in place?
    I see no problem with abit of harmless flirting, as long as you are open and honest with your partner about it. Make sure that you don't cross the line or disrespect your spouse. As long as you stick to those rules, you and your partner should definitely be fine with the whole flirting issue.
  • Oceanlover answered
    Do men need more divorce counseling than women?
    I believe that both parties should get counseling after a dvorce because it is not a easy process to endure. But although kleonrose has a point, I believe that it is because of this reason that men need more counseling. They need to let their feelings out instead of holding it all in and possibly having a breakdown when it becomes too much to handle.
  • Oceanlover answered
    Does having trust in marriage is equally important as love?
    Trust is a necessary factor in every single relationship there is. Turst in your partner, in a marriage is as equal as love, if not more important because you can't really love somebody if you don't trust them. So I sincerely believe that it is. Without trust a relationship can turn toxic.
  • Oceanlover answered
    Are there are any chances of saving a marriage after separation?
    I think that there definitely is. There are many couples who rush into marriage, end up divorcing and remarry after a while. You probably just need some time apart to grow up and figure out what you need in a partner. So there's definitely a chance for the marriage to be saved.
  • Oceanlover answered
    What is the secret to keep marriage alive for lifetime?
    I wouldn't so much as call them secrets as I would rules. There are just ceratin things that you need to pay attention to, abide by and honor in a marriage. Without them, a marriage will surely fail. They are not listed in order of importance. 1. love 2. trust 3. honesty 4. loyalty 5. respect 6. faithfulness
  • Oceanlover answered
    Why men who have affairs with younger girls are mostly married?
    I believe that younger girls these days are willing to do things that their wives probably won't do sexually for their husbands; which makes the guy want to seek out the girls who wouldn't have a problem doing those acts. Some of the girls don't care that the man is married and will not mind providing them with sexual acts for money.
  • Oceanlover answered
    Is it true that women who have affairs outside marriage are not satisfied with their marriage?
    Most women are known to try every possible thing to make their marriages work. I believe that the majority of women will cheat only if they really and truly are not and can't be satisfied by their husbands. There has to be something lacking for them to go outside their marriages.
  • Oceanlover answered
    Does asking questions on marriage forum really help?
    Yes it can. It provides you with free advice that may have spent money and went to a counselour for. Or it'll give you ideas of things to try that you would've never thought of otherwise. It also provides you with many different options so you can try many or them to see what works best for you an your relationship.
  • Oceanlover answered
    Why women have affairs. Do they really cheat?
    Yes women do really cheat. Most of them feel like they're not being satisfied in a relationship. Either their husband can't perform in the bedroom, he doesn't provide her with the emotional support that she needs. She will think that the only other place that she can get it, is with another man.
  • Oceanlover answered
    What happens when your husband cheats on you?
    Being cheated on is one of the worst things that will ever happen to you in life. You will feel awful. Like your world has been shattered. You will blame yourself, you will blame your husband and maybe even the world. The best thing to do is get some space and seek some counseling.
  • Oceanlover answered
    I doubt my wife. How can I control my wife from having an extra marital affair?
    The sad news is that you can't control anybody. People will do whatever they want to do. You can however, tell her that you won't be with her if she cheats on you. Let her know how serious you are and if she cares enough about your marriage, you should be fine.
  • Oceanlover answered
    What is a honeymmon? Please tell some exotic places to explore.
    A honeymoon is a trip that a recently married couple takes to spend some time alone together and to celebrate their recent uninon. The Caribbean is a beautiful place to go, there are many islands to choose from. Asia is also very therapeutic and relaxing. If oyu'e looking for a party destination, I'd suggest Ibiza or Miami.