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  • Misses2Mrs asked
    Should I run or is it just stress?
    I know that every relationship has it's trials, but my fiance seems to be getting frustrated with me a lot lately. Is this normal behavior for a man who is about to get married? It was his initial idea to get committed.
  • Misses2Mrs asked
    My fiance wants to do anal but I do not.
    My fiance wants to do anal and I explained that it wasn't for me. He is now angry towards me for not wanting to do it and it has put a lot of stress on me. I want him to be happy but not at the expense of my comfort. What should I do? He isn't very good at communicating - which I've already tried to do.
  • Misses2Mrs asked
    How to get my fiance to communicate better?
    My fiance shuts down completely when he gets mad/upset. Instead of talking about issues with me, he will ignore me for hours, yell at me and has even blocked my phone number and social media so that I could not contact him to resolve our issues. We are due to get married soon and I love him tremendously, but I worry that this will continue far into marriage and I want to help him learn healthy ways to settle our differences.
  • Misses2Mrs answered
    Couldn't get a hard-on with my gf
    Try getting her to play with you while you are playing with her. Sometimes males need constant stimulation to get it up and keep it that way. GL!