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  • MarthLa asked
    How to talk to my husband about sex toys and porn?
    Hi, I've been married for almost a year and my husband's sex drive has diminished a lot. We used to have sex about 4 or 5 times a week for about a year (about 6 months dating and 3 months married), but now we barely get it on once a week. He just switched jobs and we moved to a new country and I understand he is under a lot of pressure, but I know from his browser history that he has been watching porn about three times a week. I dont pry, he leaves the porn tabs open and, as we share computers, I run across them. I've tried approaching the subject calmly and asking if he wants to try something new but he denies it and doesnt want to talk about it. I know he is curious about anal sex and toys from his porn searches, which are pretty softcore, btw. So i want to try some of them with him. The problem is... he is a mexican, typical christian macho man who says masturbation and porn are wrong even though he does it on the side. I am totally okay with both and, honestly, using a vibrator at least would really be great for me too, since lately he just finishes in two minutes and barely even tries to touch me. Should I even try to talk to him about it or would I be risking damaging his masculinity too much? I am at my wit's end here. Thanks and sorry fpr the long post!