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  • LovelyDay answered
    I am spying on my crush on facebook. How do I know that he is married or not?
    If the relationship status is not shown and the profile is not public, check your friends in common and see if there is a trusted one to ask.
  • LovelyDay answered
    What can be the common reasons for divorce?
    The most common reason for divorce is "incompatibility of temperament" which means “not able to live in harmonious or agreeable combination'. This is the definition by law used on no-fault divorces.
  • LovelyDay answered
    Is dating a married man ethically correct?
    No dear, married men are taboo. They have already made their choice. If their relationship status change- well, that is another story but before that it is an inperspective relationship with no future and many ethically incorrect aspects.
  • LovelyDay answered
    I am not happy with my married life. I want a divorce what shoud I do next?
    Take time to cool down the emotions and look at the big picture again. When you feel calm enough, talk to a friend first, then talk with your spouse. Try to heal the situation, search for marriage counselor's help. If your marriage is damaged beyond the point that could be fixed.. you can make the first steps to divorce.
  • LovelyDay answered
    Why do men cheat in most cases?
    Men cheat because they are not valued at home, wife doesn't want to have sex or looks far different from the lovely girl she was when they were dating. Yes, lots of women neglect their look after marriage and men did not married the house wife but the lover in you.When the lover is gone they search a new one outside the marriage.
  • LovelyDay answered
    How can I make my unhappy wife feel good?
    New Italian shoes can make her smile for a moment :)) Seriously, maybe she is passing through a period when she is making a recapitulation of her life and her expectations for that stage of her life does not meet in reality. Being a housewife instead of a succeeding professional may not be her idea of happiness. I'm just guessing here, first thing you need to do is talk with her and it's better when initiating the conversation to have something sparkling for her :))
  • LovelyDay answered
    How to file for a divorce?
    Call your friend who is a lawyer first. Up to your situation he will advice you what actions to make. If you don't have any lawyer friends, search internet for information. It all depends to the local laws in your state/country.
  • LovelyDay answered
    Tell me some great 50th anniversary gift items I can gift my parents.
    All ideas here are good :) If you and your brothers/sisters/cousins remake their favorite pics from your childhood will be a great gift also. Stand on the same places as kind but as you are now :)) Will be fun doing this creative photo session I'm sure! And you may shoot a video with the making of the photos also ;) No greater gift for 50th anniversary than showing them how the seeds they planted with love have grown up :)
  • LovelyDay answered
    Tell me some awesome gifts for my girlfriend.
    Make a special week for her and combine all the ideas here:)) Or get her a puppy, girls love cute babies :)
  • LovelyDay answered
    Should same sex marriage be legalised globally?
    Same sex love have deep roots in acient history and deserves its equel place next to straight lovers to stand proudly married worldwide.
  • LovelyDay answered
    Is horoscope compatibility important for marriage?
    I believe so. Actually horoscope compatibility is important for every kind of relationship we have - love, professional, emotional, family, anything :) it's up to you shall you pay attention to this information or not. And we need to make it clear - Astrology and meaningful horoscopes are not what you read on the pages of daily newspapers!
  • LovelyDay answered
    Is giving cash better than a wedding gift?
    Make it as you feel it :) If you now that your friends newlyweds need cash (who doesn't :)) give them cash. If you know there is a piece of art they would love to have in their new place - provide it for them, combine with other friends if needed. If you don't know them well to pick a good wedding present for them - ask their best man or maid of honor.
  • LovelyDay answered
    I'm scared to go for couples counseling. But my partner insists. How should I overcome this fear?
    Don't be scared, Pickworth, these people are professionalists. Their job is to comfort you and help you heal the issues you are facing in your marriage. Assume it as a meeting with a new specialist you need for your business. Be a good client, provide the specialist all the information needed and let him do his job.
  • LovelyDay answered
    I need some help with marriage in communication. Suggestions?
    Find a way to release the prassure and higher your vibe. On a higher conscious level communication could be much easier and pleasant. Yoga classes could be a good start for both of you.
  • LovelyDay answered
    I need some effective relationship advice. Please help.
    When in a relationship you need to put "us" in front of 'I". Think about you as a couple, identify yourself with your couple, spend quality time together, share ideas, feelings, respect each other, maintain good communication between you and enjoy life, let it flow naturally :)
  • LovelyDay answered
    I need relationship advice as I do not want to break up.
    Be authentic and let him see you. If he likes you - be happy, if not - it's ok. Any fake mask you wear to please him drags your energy and mislead him that you are somebody else and also misleads you that he likes you. As simple as that :) Good luck!
  • LovelyDay answered
    I am trying to get pregnant, but failed. Can you tell me best chance to concieve?
    Keep trying :) I hope that pretty soon you will share with us the good news!