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  • Lostandconfused asked
    People pleaser
    My husband is a people pleaser. We recently found out what a destructive thing that is and now I'm feeling more vulnerable than ever. It has given him license to lie and handle me. It's like I don't even know who he is and at the same time feel like I'm not good enough for him to share himself with. I can't stop this melancholy so of course he just wants to ride in on his white horse and save me. Nothing about us feels real anymore and the more it happens, the worse I feel. Is there just no way to fix this?
  • Lostandconfused answered
    Unsure of my feelings about bf hiring a dating coach.
    I wouldn't be concerned about the other girls as much as that he didn't give you the chance to know him, but rather the him that the dating coach wanted you to see. You're right to feel betrayed. It also says something that he felt comfortable enough with you to tell you that, though. Are you married now? How long has it been since this occurred? In any event, you should address this issue. It's not old news to you, so it definitely matters. Explore it and find out if you can accept it.