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  • LindaL answered a question on Sep 09, 2015
    How to save your marriage when your wife does not want to?
    Dear Lindsey, it takes two for a relationship :) You don't need t be with someone who doesn't want to be with you! Just let go, sign the papers and give yourself time to heal before entering a new relationship. It happens, no need to search for guilt or any other bad issues, just let go and give life chance to meet you with your soulmate :)
  • LindaL answered a question on Sep 09, 2015
    How to seek a reliable family and marriage therapist?
    After you choose a therapist with good recommendations by friends and familly members, check his/hers reputation online before making an appointment.
  • LindaL answered a question on Sep 09, 2015
    How to stop marital problems during pregnancy?
    What kind of marital problems are you experiencing? You need to avoid stressfull situations durig pregnancy as much as possible. Search for professional help or ask a dear friend for support. Know also that your overreacting due to higher levels of hormones make things look bigger than they really are. Try to relax, dear Ralfe3 :) It will help ease the situation.
  • LindaL answered a question on Sep 09, 2015
    I am looking for love. Can you suggest some dating tips?
    Look for love within you first, then follow the good advices written above :) Love yourself and share your company with respectful people! Be yourself! "Never test the depth ofa river with both feet" sounds wise, thank you Forester! Will remember it :)
  • LindaL answered a question on Sep 09, 2015
    I am pressurized for having a baby. I am trying to conceive. Please give me some tips.
    Stop the rush! Nothing good will follow!
  • LindaL answered a question on Sep 09, 2015
    I am trying to concieve since last few months but no results.Please help.
    Congratulations on the choice to become a mother! Sometimes it takes more than a couple of months, so don't warry :) It is a good idea to share your desire with your doctor and pass all the tests needed to asure you it'snt a healthy problem,just a matter of time :)
  • LindaL answered a question on Sep 09, 2015
    I am trying to get pregnant, but failed. Can you tell me best chance to concieve?
    I could just add that your partner need to check himself also. Maybe the best way to get pregnant is to avoid both stress and focus on getting pregnant. I mean stop thinking about pregnancy and enjoy the act of love with your partner :) Within a few months you'll pee on two strikes :)
  • LindaL answered a question on Sep 09, 2015
    I need relationship advice as I do not want to break up.
    Ask yourself first "Is this relationship making me a better, shining person or it drags all my energy?" The first kind is worth saving. The second - maybe you need to save yourself from it.. It is all about you at first. A happy soul can spread happiness around :) Be more specific about your relationship and the situation it is in that needs help, so people here could give you useful advices :)
  • LindaL answered a question on Sep 08, 2015
    I need some effective relationship advice. Please help.
    Dear Milborough, you need to be more specific about the situation you are dealing with, in order to recieve a handy advice :)
  • LindaL answered a question on Sep 08, 2015
    I need some help with marriage in communication. Suggestions?
    Communication is the basic tool to build a healthy relationship and its lack could equal abcence of relationship.. Try with notes and messages on the mobile first and go for an open conversation to discuss with your spouse what was the reason to face broken communication at first place. Next pace is to search for professional help,a good therapist can help you renew your connection.
  • LindaL answered a question on Sep 08, 2015
    I'm scared to go for couples counseling. But my partner insists. How should I overcome this fear?
    Maybe you should go first alone to see a therapist and discuss with him your fear of couples counseling. It could help you reveal the roots of your fears and then work on overwhelming them :) This is something important for your partner and your partner is important for you, so you have to deal with the situation. There is nothing to be afraid of. Professionals will help you to fix any problems you are facing in your relationship :)
  • LindaL answered a question on Sep 08, 2015
    Is giving cash better than a wedding gift?
    The last wedding I was invited on the couple directly said they prefer cash instead of wedding gifts which made it easier for us all. Sometimes the newlyweds make a wishlist for wedding gifts. If you cannot ask them directly what do they preffer, you may ask someone from their close friends circle about the presents or you may combine with other guests for a special gift :)
  • LindaL answered a question on Sep 15, 2015
    Is horoscope compatibility important for marriage?
    Horoscope compatibility can save you lots of disappoinments later if you take it seriously :)
  • LindaL answered a question on Sep 11, 2015
    How to make friends with single people in the dating community?
    Do sport :) Single people are more active! You can meet them in the gim or in the park jogging or cycling. Or you may just ask your friends to introduce you to nice single people from their acquaintances and they can give you in advance some information about their interests, hobbies, professional fields :)
  • LindaL answered a question on Sep 07, 2015
    I am looking for a friend. Can you tell me where I can make friends online?
    Facebook is a good social media to make friends as most profiles belong to real people and what you see on their news walls are their interests so you can easily judge are you interested or not :) You can find facebook groups to discuss interesting topics and by expressing your personal opinion, feelings and emotions to attract the right people online :)
  • LindaL answered a question on Sep 06, 2015
    Why married people seek an affair outside the marriage?
    Sad but true. When people get married before they are ready or get married because their partner got pregnant and propose is the right thing to be done. In this case trying to build a happy life for the future child chains two people together in an union they don't feel comfortable with and affairs outside the marriage are the only options of fulfillment.
  • LindaL answered a question on Sep 06, 2015
    I have had an affair with many married men. Now I want to get out of these complicated relationships, please help.
    Yes, professional help is definatelly needed and some regain in self esteem also. Give yourself time to heal before starting a new relaionship and know that you deserve to be someone's first choice and have an official relationship :) Your will to get out of this kind of complicated relationships is a good sign you are aiming the right path! Good girl!
  • LindaL answered a question on Sep 06, 2015
    How to overcome the pain in marriage problems?
    Respect yourself first! Value your personality and personal happiness. Pain comes as a warning that something is not good for you and if it comes as a result of your spouse's actions or behaviour maybe you are not asking the right question.