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  • JoettaPerlman answered
    What is the secret recipe for a happy marriage?
    Avoid having affairs. Nothing says happy marriage than a man or a woman sticking with the significant other and controlling an affair. Tough times do occur but this is the time to be more controlled than ever. It will affect life adversely and hence never get into this. Respect the relationship and keep it healthy.
  • JoettaPerlman answered
    What makes a good marriage?
    If you want to know if it is an upbeat married life then ask the yourselves how often you get on top of each other. Touches and frequent sex indicates intimacy. There is a lot of science involved that keeps you together. This is a nice sign for you.
  • JoettaPerlman answered
    What makes a marriage successful?
    Marriage is great when people fight. Why? Because this acts as a medium to vent out dislikes and frustrations. This helps them constructively look from solutions to problems they never knew existed. This could even become such a great solved conflict that ends in the bed.
  • JoettaPerlman answered
    Can you give me some advice for a happy marriage?
    The best thing a man can do to his wife is to listen to her. Stop trying to solve the problem as that is not the thing they are looking for. Just listen to her, cuddle her and make her understand that you are there for her. This boosts her confidence and she understands that you respect her.
  • JoettaPerlman answered
    What are the secrets to a happy marriage?
    If a joyful married life had to be put in laconic words it is annoying children, busy work life, irritating neighbors and occasional mishaps. Best way to get over this is to take some time out and spend time with each other just enjoying your company and thanking the good times you have had and cherishing to make more. Show love to each other and this helps.
  • JoettaPerlman answered
    What is the meaning of marriage in the Bible?
    The Bible is pretty forthright about marriage. God hates divorce and it is obvious. Divorce and adultery is something God really does not tolerate. People in the Old testament were punished severely because of this and even though Jesus changes this with the prostitute's example, he is not promoting it. No divorce or adultery inside marriage!
  • JoettaPerlman answered
    How does marriage counselling help me in the long run?
    What is kept under the radar can be taken out with the help of a counselor. One partner might think that he/she is doing a good job while at times they might be just plain terrible. Have a counselor check this out where both of you will not get into a fight. Safe way to make things better as long as you two are up for it.
  • JoettaPerlman answered
    What are some marital counseling questions to ask?
    How is the sex life of the couple? You satisfied with the frequency of sex? Do you want more? Does the other want less? Is there any problem at all in bed that one is not sharing? Can something be made to make it better? These are some determining factors to check whether a relationship is getting destroyed in bed or being built.
  • JoettaPerlman answered
    Does asking marriage counselling questions strengthen your relationship?
    There is a new understanding that comes to you both when you go to counseling because someone else is understanding the problems you are facing and this is a profound addition to fix scars in a relationship. Find what is going wrong and fix it. There is no error in doing counselling sessions and change scar into love marks and joy marks again.
  • JoettaPerlman answered
    Can you tell me how to fix a marriage without counseling?
    Talk about what you feel. Sit together and talk about the issues that are making you grow apart. Remember not to argue, fight or prove yourself as the correct one but to fix and find a probable solution to this ongoing onslaught.