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  • DWLaw1843 asked
    Getting the passion back
    Me and my husband have been married 21 years been together 26, we regularly have sex, about one to two times a week, and when we have sex we both enjoy it, but I’m almost embarrassed to say, we don’t kiss or have foreplay, we always do the same thing, he gives me oral sex then I start giving him oral sex then we have sex and that’s it, it’s very enjoyable but the same thing every time. I want to bring that passion back into our marriage but don’t know how just feel like we’ve been in such a routine for so long that it’s like neither of us know how to make “that move” anymore, but want to, almost feel awkward kissing him and that’s horrible! Please help me and tell me what we can do to better that part of our marriage, I love him and can’t ever see myself with anyone else but we are so missing that in our marriage it hurts