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  • Charlize answered
    Can you tell me how to date an older women?
    If you want to date an older woman, you should be confident, independent (unless you want a sugar momma), be energetic (make her forget the age difference, don't mention the age difference (or make a big deal out of it), be a dominant male and be strong. You need to be prepared for all the laughing and staring that will most likely happen (from close minded people).
  • Charlize answered
    Does relationship tests really test a couples compatibility?
    They do help. Even if it's not real or if you're doing it for fun. It may even bring up topics that you and your partner have not but need to discuss like if you had to live with an in law, whose would it be, or different ways to raise and discipline a child, or what curch you would attend a s a family.
  • Charlize answered
    Does saving your marriage after cheating is possible?
    Yes it is. It definitely won't be easy though, but when you overcome it, you'll be stronger than you ever were as a couple. Contrary to what kleonrose said, I have seen men and women who became so scared at the thought of losing their partners that they never attempted to cheat again.
  • Charlize answered
    How can I help a friend who is going through marriage problems?
    Seeing a friend go through heartache is not easy and sometimes you can take that burden into your home. But like InLoveWithLove said, you need to be there for her and support her as much as she needs. You can also give her little tips that have been known to work for you in your relationship, although their relationship may not be similar to yours.
  • Charlize answered
    How can you get pregnant without intercourse?
    If you don't want to get pregnant at all, there's also the option of hiring a surrogate to have your baby for you. The process is relatively easy, but only if you don't want to be pregnant at all. If you do, you should consider the two methods that kleonrose listen. Also you should probably talk to a doctor about it so that he or she could further explain the process to you.
  • Charlize answered
    How do I get pregnant after taking strict precautions?
    I agree with kleonrose. A doctor is the best and most well equipped person to help with anything fertility based.In the meantime, just relax and have some fun trying to get pregnant. You and your partner can use this time to become closer sexually and if a baby comes out of it, then even better for the tow of you. Try not to become to consumed with the end goal. It could ruin all the fun.
  • Charlize answered
    How helpful is online premarital counseling?
    It can definietly help! Having the tools to deal with problems before they arise is a huge benefit! You will be able to squash arguments or disagreements quickly, leading to a happier and less argumentative marriage. I would recommend premarital counseling to any and everyone.
  • Charlize answered
    Can you tell me how to become a marriage counselor?
    To add to what InLovewithLove said, I'd suggest shadowing or working for an experienced counselor so that you can learn a few tricks of the trade before you start your own business or get into the field. They can tell you the best ways to tackle certain problems and how to deal with emotional, stoic, silent or uncooperative clients.
  • Charlize answered
    How to feel complete in life after divorce?
    Or just the opposite of what kleonrose said. Find new things that you're interested in. Be more adventurous, come out of your shell a little more. Try to be an independent person again, which can be a very difficult thing to do, coming out of a marriage where you always had someone to rely on. Doing these things will make you become a stronger person.
  • Charlize answered
    How to get pregnant fast after marriage?
    Trying to have children after marriage is one of the most common things that people do. I would suggest that you and your spouse go to the doctor, like kleonrose suggested. They can tell you the best way or best methods to use to get pregnant quickly. In the meantime, doing research shouldn't hurt. Just consult the doctor before you take any action.
  • Charlize answered
    How to keep a healthy relationship?
    Not only what kleonrose said but also enjoying each other's company. If it's gonna be long lasting, it should be more than bearable for you to be with the person. So explore eah other and find more shared hobbies. You're going to need lots of activities to last you for the rest of your lives.
  • Charlize answered
    How to meet new people and make friends with them?
    You can also find friends online if you're a shy person or if you don't have the time to go out and meet people. Just make sure that you screen the person before you meet them, and that they are who you think they are. The best way to do this is to use well respected/ reviewed/rated sites.
  • Charlize answered
    I am trying to get pregnant, but failed. Can you tell me best chance to concieve?
    I agree fully with the previous response. We won't be able to tell you because we aren't medical professionals but you can do some reserch about chances of conception using your age as a guide. You can aslo inculde race and diet as factors in your search. Certain races are know to be a lot more fertile than others, and diet can play a part in your body's ability to be optimally prepared for pregnancy.
  • Charlize answered
    My husband must be planning a surprise for our anniversary. What are the best anniversary gifts for him?
    I'd definitely say a weekend getaway to a hotel where he can take part in some of his favorite activities while still spending time with you is possible. I'd also suggest an activity or something pertaining to a shared interest that the two of you have. You could even visit or re-enact a memorable time in your relationship.
  • Charlize answered
    My spouse and me stay apart because of work.Can you help my marriage from falling apart?
    One of you needs to make the move to be with the other. See if your current job is able to move you to a location closer to your spouse. If that doesnt work, look for vacancies in the area based on your current occupation. Or consider starting your own business if you guys are both fianncially stable. If your marriage means that much to you, go be with your spouse.
  • Charlize answered
    What are common relationship problems?
    I would say that oceanlover has summed it up pretty well. But to add to the list, I'd say, a lack of privacy or space, an unsatisfying, dull or boring sex life, not making the relationship a priority and lack of support (mental/emotional) are things that could definitely bring about problems or the destruction of a relationship.
  • Charlize answered
    What are the signs and symptoms of pregnancy?
    Also included are back aches, headaches, changes in libido, enlraged abdomen, a change in the color of the areolas (on the nipples) and constipation. These symptoms are not as common as the ones listed above but they have been documented enough to be considered symptoms of pregnancy.
  • Charlize answered
    What are wedding vows?
    Wedding vows are what you choose to say to you spouse in a special part of the ceremony. They are often very personal but can be written or given by the officiating minister. It is the part of the ceremony that precedes the exchanging of rings. Some couples choose to read from a paper because their nerves might cause them to forget. Others recite their memorized vows.
  • Charlize answered
    What is couple therapy retreats?
    Like oceanlover said, it is a get away that couples go on solely for the purpose of fixing their relationship. It removes the couple from their daily distractions which allows them to focus on themselves and their issues as a couple. It aslo includes trust exercies and counseling sessions.
  • Charlize answered
    What is horoscope compatibility? How does it work?
    Horoscope compatibily uses your astrological sign (Gemini/Libra/Sagittarius etc) to determine whether you and partner are going to see eye to eye on specific issues. Signs that are opposite each other on the wheel are said to be perfect matches. They get along and connect on every aspect such as friendship, love/romance, sex, finances, personality etc.