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I am a psychology student. Interestingness hunter and seeks for creativity.
  • Alice257 answered
    My wife fell out of love with me and now wants a divorce
    Time is the best source for healing wounds and your efforts can aid in getting back lost spark. Help her get out of the insecurity issues by making her feel special. Go for a daytime job and give her all the time required to get back her love.
  • Alice257 answered
    Do foreign brides make the best spouses?
    Relationships are based on purity and love. It doesn't come around with a lifetime guarantee. There is no surety that mail-order brides will offer everything you are seeking for in a wife. Love can change the person entirely and if it's true it might end up lasting longer. Be with anyone either woman from a foreign origin or a mail-order bride, the one who can make you happy and is ready to get along with your life and wishes.
  • Alice257 answered
    I bumped into my ex at a foreign socials
    I believe the step taken forward should not take aback. Even if you not holding any feelings for ex for now but gradually it might build up that will end up in regret.
  • Alice257 answered
    Choosing love over other people's criticisms
    Compatibility is the key to any relation, and it can overcome any differences be it caste, age or any other. When it comes to love one must not think about the criticism of people around. Undoubtedly, you must go for your happiness and marry her.
  • Alice257 answered
    Worried about girlfriend's alcohol intake
    She has gone through such big trauma, all she requires is attention and care to get through this sad time. Motivate her to do things like yoga, fitness exercises, plan a tour and by it make sure that she is not feeling alone. Be a father like a figure to her and pamper her that could help her in getting back into life.
  • Alice257 answered
    ​How should I tell my daughter I’m remarrying?
    It is hell difficult for your daughter to get through the pain of losing her mother and it won't be an easy going thing for her to accept second mom. Be faithful to her and make her realize that your family will be complete after you marry that woman. Try to make her involved with you guys and make her know you are happy with that woman, and she'll gradually accept it.
  • Alice257 answered
    when i can leave my wife forever ?
    I would suggest you guys visit a therapist and not to jump into a decision. Invest a bit more time in your marriage, get involved more and instead of fights make her calm down and resolve the differences.
  • Alice257 answered
    I want to save my marriage
    A good therapist can get you two back together and might help you with the lost spark in your relationship. Make her feel wanted and do special stuff that can help her realize your love.
  • Alice257 answered
    Why does my husband continue to think that it’s okay to lie and deceive me?
    Trust is something tough to retain and if it's gone that much harder to get fixed. Be more alert about his doings and make him understand that deceiving can lead to falling apart. You must also take him to a good therapist and help him quit smoking.
  • Alice257 answered
    Help with children and in-laws
    Being alone is never the solution to any problem, and kids do seek for grandparent's love and affection. I would suggest that you must ask your husband to fix the things and get the family back together.
  • Alice257 answered
    How can i save my marriage
    Take him to a therapist and help him in giving up his alcohol habit. Try to involve him in physical activities, plan special things for him to divert his mind from liquor.
  • Alice257 answered
    Is comminication REALLY necessary in marriage?
    Communication is the crucial aspect of a relationship, and in its absence, one can ruin what he has... Interact now and then with your partner and aid them to feel wanted always. Love and respect are the things following up as you get to know your spouse.
  • Alice257 answered
    I really wanna migrate to where my girlfriend is living
    I prefer choosing love along with work as nothing is constant, neither is life. Try looking for excellent job offers as it will give you satisfying professional life and cherishing personal life.
  • Alice257 answered
    Dirty looks and short fuses
    Anger is the big time spoiler it can take someone at the edge of depression, loneliness, and regrets. Help him get rid of this pathetic behavior by consulting therapist and by getting him involved in meditation. I must suggest that don't argue and wait for the perfect time to sort things and to make him realize his wrong attitude.
  • Alice257 answered
    How to get long distance gf to stop hanging out with her toxic friends?
    Being around friends is a keen requirement these days, and if they're toxic ones, it's better to have none. People with the habit of interfering in your personal lives might end up taking you to the stage of depression. I would assist you to help her know the intentions of her toxic friends and try giving her some space as well because self-experience and time are best teachers.
  • Alice257 answered
    How lack of affection affects a man
    It is casual amongst guys they seek attention from their partners, so you, not the only one facing these problems. She might have lost the interest in you, or the spark is lost. I would suggest of spending more time together, try to make her realize your importance.
  • Alice257 answered
    Am I being unreasonable to want my husband to earn an income?
    Never keep your self-respect at stake, it is necessary to get recognition, especially by your partner. But when things go way different as in your scenario, I would suggest to be the brave and take stand for yourself as you are much more supportive than him.
  • Alice257 answered
    Should I stop seeing him?
    I firmly believe you must say 'no' because at the end of the day it will hurt you. As he has a happy family, you must end up talking to him because it's cheating on his family. Let him go, and start fresh!!
  • Alice257 answered
    I don't see myself being with him for the rest of my life
    I believe you must leave him for a short span of time, make him notice that this alcohol addiction will leave him alone. Efforts seem to be useless towards him, so I would suggest giving him his space to realize your importance.
  • Alice257 answered
    Are you happy now? You left me hanging...
    You surely deserve an explanation as sometimes people get on in their work that they forget about their priorities but it's not same all the time. Try to remain calm and don't take any decision in the heat of the moment.
  • Alice257 answered
    Decided to adopt an orphan
    Kids are a bundle of joy, and they can fill up empty life with their innocence and purity. You are going for a superb choice of adopting an orphan, and I would suggest adopting a kid would be great, as they are easy to mould and adapt to your way of living.
  • Alice257 answered
    My mom is getting married again
    I would suggest you to go with the flow and try to be a part of the happiness of your mother because there is no age for being happy. Things will get better with time and efforts towards getting back family.
  • Alice257 answered
    What Do I Say?
    I would suggest talking to her because priority seeks time and I think you would be her priority. Love and family should be happy for a better living, and you guys hold understanding towards each other to sort things out.
  • Alice257 answered
    My friends are on the verge of breaking up. Need help.
    Distance is usually the cause of breakups and trust issues. One can't make other convince their loyalty for a longer period. Both of them should put in efforts for being around each other so that they can resolve differences before they become a reason for a breakup. I would like to recommend you about taking your friends to the consultant, that can help them understand where they are lacking and factors they have to work to get back spark in their relationship.
  • Alice257 answered
    How do you let your Filipina woman say yes to you in marriage?
    I would like to suggest that you must not judge someone by their belonging. You must understand woman by their individuality, not by some vague notions. According to me, asking a girl to marry belonging to any country will make her feel special and is the loveliest thing you can do for her, and I believe if a girl loves you will say "YES."
  • Alice257 answered
    Girlfriend cheated
    Trust is the most difficult thing to build up and keep it intact. I think there would be something less by your side or maybe the distance is the reason that she cheated on you. I believe that once trust broken, it can't be same as before it will be tangled and then you two will keep arguing on almost everything and will be unable to get on the same page.
  • Alice257 answered
    Do you meet decent women in places like Latin America singles club?
    I think judging a person by their origination and setting a mentality about them is not the way of meeting up a person. Every individual has a different persona, so one must understand them by getting in touch with them personally. So, I think they can meet up with them and know if they are happy being with them.
  • Alice257 answered
    I just can't stop loving her...
    Love is the best way of keeping someone happy and besides you. I think you won't face any difficulty in being the best husband and father as you seem to be responsible and loving towards them.