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Is this abuse and what advise would you give

Hello dear I have read your problem And here is the solution because I have been from the same problem but now u am living my second marriage happy with two childrens please check this out ut will really...
1 answers

Is this considered abuse and what advise would you give

Try to visit this site friend. I thought that site will help you.
1 answers

Could i get pregnant without penetration

The answer is No but maybe you should wait and hold off to have sex if your that scared.
1 answers

Should I get divorced?

Hi, I am Vilas here. Do you want to save your marriage? Have you tried some of the methods to save your marriage? If the answer is "YES" and you got no positive results. Then you are at the right place...
4 answers

10 years of marriage and I need help

Check You'll definitely find something that is useful for you.
1 answers