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Domestic violence and abuse can happen in any family, irrespective of age, religion, gender, sexual orientation, class or culture. Ask your questions related to domestic violence and get help and advice from experts and community members.

My gf cheated on me

It is very difficult to handle such situations, but if you really love her, want to be with her and you think she is really guilty of whatever she diid to you, you should give her a second chance. However,...
1 answer

Fileing restraining order from verbal abusive wife

Hi I empathize with your situation. It is a complicated case with legal bindings involved. My best solution to you is to see a shrink. Get exact advice on your case and how to go about it. You must also...
1 answer

Spousal rape??

Well yes, sex without consent is rape. The thing that is happening to you is a form of marital rape. Please speak to your husband about this and inform him firmly that you do not approve of him having...
1 answer

Husband tried to harm me in my sleep

Absolutely! He did that either because he has some serious mental disorder or because he wanted to harm you for real. Either ways it is alarming. Seek help from friends and family!
1 answer

I experience domestic violence at home. Never wanted to be a part of its statistics but what can I do?

The first step is to realize that you’re in an abusive relationship. If you’ve gotten that far, you can find solutions to the problems you face. If you’re afraid for your physical safety or that...
9 answers

What is intimate partner violence? Can it stop?

Intimate partner violence has also been called domestic violence and domestic abuse. The term has been expanded to include romantic relationships where the couple does not cohabitate and one or more forms...
1 answer

Can long term effects of domestic violence be controlled?

Domestic violence has many long term effects that hurt survivors. Some common problems are negative self-talk and low self-esteem, trust issues, post-traumatic stress disorder, boundary issues and further...
3 answers

What are the various kinds of spousal abuse?

Spousal abuse can take many forms, many of which are unfamiliar to most people. Everyone has heard of domestic violence, and the term immediately calls up the image of physical brutality. However, there...
2 answers

Is there any possible way to stop domestic violence?

Domestic violence is an issue that affects millions of families. Stopping it altogether will take time and a major shift in social consciousness. Within a family or a community, however, the task is easier...
3 answers

Does domestic violence against men really happen?

Domestic violence is unfortunately a daily reality for many people, including men, who often suffer in silence due to the stigma attached to being a victim. Men may experience physical and verbal assaults...
1 answer

How can women seek assistance for domestic violence help?

Women experiencing domestic violence situations have a few places to turn for help online, including The National Domestic Violence Hotline, Women Helping Women, and an online resource center from
3 answers

I have been a victim of domestic violence. If I go for counseling, will it help me?

Counseling can be very helpful for survivors of domestic violence. The consequences of abuse are many, and you will likely have been affected in many areas of your life, including: how you approach romantic...
3 answers

Domestic violence facts mostly show women enduring pain. Why are women still ill-treated?

Many women are treated badly in dysfunctional relationships, primarily because their partners don’t understand how abusive they are. Even for the woman in question, abuse may seem normal based on past...
3 answers

How to survive an unhappy marriage and cope with depression?

If your marriage is unhappy and depression has become your companion, survival is most often connected with little victories. Creating a vision for health and renewal rooted in baby steps is always advisable....
2 answers

How to cope with depression in marriage?

Depression should never be ignored. It is a sign that something is seriously wrong in your life. It can be anger turned inside onto yourself. You may have been taught that anger is wrong and therefore...
2 answers

How can one deal with emotional domestic violence?

Emotional abuse is just as bad as physical abuse. In some ways it is worse because the effects are unseen. The victim believes that they are the problem because their spouse has convinced them that everything...
4 answers

How to stop domestic violence in relationships?

Domestic violence is a terrible plague that impacts far too many relationships. If you have experienced domestic violence or you know of someone who has experience domestic violence, you must be willing...
8 answers

Can you tell me when to get emotional abuse help?

You may be a victim of emotional abuse if your partner: •Monitors what you're doing all the time •Unfairly accuses you of being unfaithful all the time •Prevents or discourages you from seeing friends...
6 answers

I am looking for help in abusive relationship. Can you help me?

how long have you been in the relationship? How long has it been abusive? What exactly does that mean? Chances are, if things were good in the beginning, that there are some underlying issues that,...
4 answers

Does healing from emotional abuse in marriage reduce the pain?

The difficult reality is that emotional abuse doesn’t stop the day you walk away from an emotionally abusive partner. The pain can be reduced if you heed certain steps. You can find support from a counselor,...
2 answers