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A sex forum to discuss sexuality, intimacy and interpersonal relationships. Perfect for all genders of men and women with different sexual orientation; the forum is ideal to talk about your sex problems, intimacy issues and get help from other readers and experts.  Ask sex questions that are bothering you or your relationship and get advice and solutions that you can easily apply.

To have sex with another guy

Wow. So I find this concept so hot! If you want it that bad, pursue it. However, it is one of the riskiests moves you can make. You're literally going all in. If she doesnt already, I would convince her...
1 answers

My husband won't have sex anymore.

Maybe try to watch some porn movies with him? Guys like that. I watch sometimes one or two videos with ma bea on and then we get really hot ;)
1 answers

Confused wife

See a therapist if you feel like you need to. Remember that you are a team and are in this together. If there are financial issues, try to get them worked out. Maybe take on a few more hours at work...
4 answers

What would you pay?

1. what would you pay to have someone dirty talk to you but no skin shown 2. What would you pay to have someone dirty talk with bra off and play 3.What would you pay to have the full sexy talk naked...
3 answers

Dissatisfaction and ED ?

I don't think anyone can say with certainty what's going on with him. Except that he's dead wrong and lying about those women he was with orgasming that quickly. The entire internet will tell you that....
1 answers

What do you want to know about sex in marriage?

maybe try to look some porn together? We tried and it is working! check this
2 answers

Can you have both positive and negative views about sex?

I truly believe you can. The positive is the anticipation of having sex and feeling good to you and your partner. The negative is not achieving that pleasure feeling and sometimes it happens multiple times...
1 answers

Will I get pregnant by dry humping with no clothes on?

dry humping means no ejactulation hence "dry". i am assuming he did not penetrate your vagina. did you wipe the sperm completely off your belly before standing up to avoid it from flowing down to your...
4 answers

Mismatched Sex Drives

Try to talk with him, but if this wont be enough maybe try to play with your self? Masturbation is a good filler to a daily sex life. You can find some good sex videos on (very rich source...
3 answers

How to stop being uptight and shy about sex?

I think your response is so normal. My husband and I have talked about this in the past and enjoy the thought of it so it seems as much as actually doing it. However I’ve often thought about who though...
1 answers

Intimacy Problems

Spicing things up in the bedroom and making your partner uncomfortable are two absolutely different things. Physical intimacy in the bedroom is a two-way street! You get what you give. You can ask him...
2 answers

He won’t sleep with me

Hey there, i saw saw your post and I can relate to you so much! I’m 21 he’s 24. just like you, my boyfriend had slept with a large amount of girls before we met. In the beginning we had amazing sex,...
2 answers

How can I get more aroused and have painless, pleasurable sex??

Hi. I bought all the lubes and the inserts that make you more wet because of my age. THEY DO NOT WORK ALL THE TIME. Especially hard on me trying to spend all the money buying all the Lubricants was very...
3 answers

My husband doesn't sex with me since 15 months

hi there, maybe my experience will help you i was deeply in love with my ex, but i noticed strange moves which was convincing that he was having an affair which i did not know how to conclude on that...
3 answers

Allergic Reaction

Hi! The yeast infection that your girlfriend seems to have gained, could be due to stress, hormonal imbalance, eating too much of sugary food or even due to some antibiotics that she might be taking. Ideally,...
1 answers

Sexual Allergic Reaction

You probably are carrying the infection but don’t have symptoms of your own. You should both be treated for the yeast infection, otherwise you will keep infecting her. Best way of treatment is oral medicine....
2 answers

How can I help my wife orgasm?

My wife had the same issue. What finally worked was a combination of having a drink or 2 to relax, played porn and then we got into the 69 position . While I was pleasuring her, I also started lightly...
2 answers

Sex with partner seems impossible :(

Seems like youare still tight down there. as you stated you just broke your virginity and havent fully had sex with your partner. Maybe try using a di.ldo to open yourself up and then try again.
2 answers