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A sex forum to discuss sexuality, intimacy and interpersonal relationships. Perfect for all genders of men and women with different sexual orientation; the forum is ideal to talk about your sex problems, intimacy issues and get help from other readers and experts.  Ask sex questions that are bothering you or your relationship and get advice and solutions that you can easily apply.

Why doesn't my husband want sex?

I myself have sometimes avoided having sex with my wife, usually there's a reason and its just about finding it. How is his life? Does he stay physically active? Does he watch a lot of porn maybe? Usually,...
1 answers

How do I get my husband interested in sex?

Maybe because he is a diabetic? Ask him if his sugar is ok? Xena69
2 answers

Should I be worried that my huaband watches porn?

Over the past few years my wife and I have been texting a lot just day to day stuff. One time when i was away for the night and we couldnt be together we each had a drink or two and our texting turned...
1 answers

How to stop being uptight and shy about sex?

You are going to have differences in desire and opinion, in and outside the bedroom. Your desire to please is a great thing, but he has to adjsut to you also. Some possible ways for you to either compromise...
1 answers

Sexual harassment or liking?

Your limits are yours to set. Sounds like you alraedy know how you feel about this incident. Make your preferences clear to him. Decide for yourself if he has enough positive qualities to pursue or allow...
2 answers

Haven't had sex in 5 years with my husband

If you have been together always, try staying seperately for few days by taking vacations atdifferent times. Both of yu go to a psychologist and sexologist and counsult
1 answers

My SO can't finish inside me

There are many issues with people not being able to orgasm under pressure. Since he was previously a virgin, masturbating may be what he is used to, and he may associate masturbation with orgasming. My...
2 answers

Man not wanting sex anymore..

Hey, Relax! It's natural. It happens. Don't worry much. Develop your emotional intimacy first. Physical Intimacy is the connection of the body. Emotional intimacy is the connection of the...
2 answers

3 years marraige No sex

I've been married for just over a year and ours has just gone. It's the other way around for me he's not interested at all and sees it as a chore, wants it just done with and just does it basically to...
1 answers

For the ladies - where has the lust gone?

Sound like a medical problem like hormonal imbalance if she can not pin point the cause, On the average married couples have sex 1.5 times a week (some higher and some lower obviously). Unmarried is higher...
1 answers

Does my wife not love me anymore?

Hi Billy, You seem to be in a tough spot. My wife and I have been going through a rough patch for almost a year now. Sex has been steadily declining altough, similar to you, I provide her with a great...
2 answers

My Husband’s member isn’t as big as what it used to be.

Hey, I hope you are fine! Just relax and do not over think about having an unsatisfied sex. It happens, it's natural.  But arguing more on this would create a problem for your own self.  To...
2 answers

My Japanese girlfriend won’t submit

 Sound like a medical problem like hormonal imbalance or she has a affair partner, the first step is to get her to visit doctor to determine reasons for her low sex drive. On the average married couples...
2 answers

Wife refusing intimacy and sex

Hey, It's natural to happen. Don't worry, if she isn't comfortable to get into any sort of intimate zone with you. Since this problem is arising from her side, it's better if you speak to her politely...
3 answers

My wife’s complete lack of sexual desire is making me very irratible and unhappy, is it healthy to live like this?

How are things going? I just saw your post & there are several of us, female also, in the exact same boat as you! We're all in serious relationships but also floundering as to what to do! I had just...
2 answers