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A sex forum to discuss sexuality, intimacy and interpersonal relationships. Perfect for all genders of men and women with different sexual orientation; the forum is ideal to talk about your sex problems, intimacy issues and get help from other readers and experts.  Ask sex questions that are bothering you or your relationship and get advice and solutions that you can easily apply.

How do I tell my husband I want him to shower before sex?

You can try a couple of things. 1. Convince him to start showering at night, tell him it's convinient and saves time in the morning. 2. give him extra "attention" down there when he does shower at night....
1 answers

Sexless marriage and sex outside marriage

Hello, I feel like there may be a deeper reason as to why your husband isn’t intimate or passionate. I’ve always heard that if he’s not getting it from you, he’s getting it somewhere else. Men...
3 answers

Husband's sex demand

Thailand like Taiwan is highly noted as a vacation spot for western tourists interested in sexual accommodation with hot asian girls. So you are probably correct in assuming your husband shopped for a...
3 answers

Sexually dissatisfied with my husband

You could just masturbate on your own? Telling him you feel this way can be a big blow to his confidence, your probably right. If he isn't interested in sex then that explains his lack of attention to...
3 answers

Bad sex life, thinking about affairs...

Oh man, I know how you feel. Me and my partner have been a little distant because there are some things that he doesn’t do that make me feel unfulfilled. I love him with every fiber in me and I never...
1 answers

Unsatisfying sex life, thinking about an affair

First of all never lie to your wife. Go to conseling to get help for both of you. That will help both of you. Xena69
1 answers

She doesn’t do or like forplay

have you discussed these "games over" responses with her? it appears she is being the self centered brat. do you suspect she has a OM as an AP? perhaps her AP is limiting her affection to you.    perfect...
1 answers

My husband doesn't want sex, what do I do?

See if he will talk to you about an open-marriage if you think that will work for you. Just remember if he sayus no, I would start divorce procedures before finding another guy as his lawyer will you that...
2 answers

Husband doesn't seem to care about sex

See a therapist and if he won't go, go alone. The next best step if he won't agree to an open marriage is after the therapist, see a lawyer.
1 answers


you have 2 options. 1. go to a psychology doctor and a sexologist and get medicne for urge. 2 have clandestine sex with known/relative person and stisgy yourself. As long as you stop thinking it as wrong...
1 answers

I am suffering from erectile disfunction since last 3 days during actual sex but i get good erection when i watch porn.

Is it not unusual to have lapses and variation in performance. It will probably pass. Porn is quite a bit different than encounters with an actual person. I would suggest abstaining from porn until this...
2 answers

Will I ever be happy in a sexless marriage if I desire an intimate relationship with my wife?

I am currently in a similar situation going on a few months and From my perspective you summed it up correctly, that is like our spouse is nothing more than a roommate. I don’t feel happy now and I don’t...
3 answers

Wife lost interest; what are my options?

Why Not you talk to your wife. If you both will discuss things might change. OR you can also try some sex boost medicines.
2 answers

Wives Help with kissing thing

If you have a close female friend I see nothing wrong with satisfying this fetish he really wants to witness. I would caution you to cap this with him that he will not ask you to do more intimate things...
2 answers

What happens when he isn’t interested in sex anymore?

I wish that somehow all posts like yours & the others like us could be grouped together! There are several of us with extremely similar situations posting here & there! There is also some who are also...
1 answers

Wife no longer seems interested in me

You both are very young. Blessed with children. Please go to A Marriage Therapist or counsel. Respect works both ways in a relationship. Please get help even if you go by your self. Xena16
1 answers


I'm so sorry but it sounds as if you have married a real loser. People can blast me for saying that but a husband that would tell his wife he isn't sexually attracted to her or that she isn't his type...
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