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Sex & Intimacy Questions And Answers (Q&A) Follow

Wives Help with kissing thing

Answered: Dec 29, 2018

It may be a trick from his side for enjoying more than wife for sex with your complicity. You ask his suggestion to continue the relation between you two without insisting on your kissing ... Read More

Female ejaculation

Answered: Oct 10, 2019

I have many articles on this subject and many sessions in person or via Skype that could help! In the Fairfax, Virginia area or Marrakech! ​#sexpert ... Read More

Wife lost interest; what are my options?

Answered: Sep 28, 2017

Well this is a tricky questions. Apart from regular intercourse there are ways to achieve sexual satisfaction, you and your wife could perhap try that out?

Wife caught husband

Answered: Dec 29, 2018

Warching porn is not a sin. If you o not like do not join with him to watch. From the narration it appears that he wants sex more than him. So f you cannot agree to it he has to find ... Read More

Prostitutes over wife

Answered: Sep 11, 2014

For some sex is the only thing that consititutes a marriage and for some, it is as trivial as marriage itself. I think I am not going to influnce your decision at this stage. You perhaps ... Read More

Sexual problems in age-gap relationship!

Answered: Feb 28, 2018

I guess you need to visit a therapist who could guide you both on this. It may seem like a drastic step to take but it ... Read More

How can I help my wife orgasm?

Answered: Jul 10, 2018

If it's mental - love her and make sure that she knows it. A lot of what happens in the bedroom is reflective of what happens outside the bedroom. If it's physical - learn how to ... Read More

How to build intimacy with my spouse?

Answered: Sep 29, 2015

According to multiple experts, there are five rules to observe in building intimacy. They include: 1: Following the five-minute rule, that is, talking about areas of interest outside ... Read More

Can't face sex after having my first baby!

Answered: Jul 18, 2014

I think you should tell your hubby frankly. and visit another doc - surely there is something wrong which is why you experience pain. visit the doc with your hubby so he has a better ... Read More

He does not want me anymore!

Answered: Jul 18, 2014

I had to read your message over and over to be able to completely understand your concern. I feel your pain...It's v clear that you love your husband to bits but please come to terms ... Read More

Wife refusing intimacy and sex

Answered: Apr 04, 2019

A total drop in libido is a hormonal thing. She should have the tests run. if she just won't do it and doesn't care about sex anymore, remember she said "Says it my problem, do whatever ... Read More

Is my husband gay?

Answered: Dec 10, 2019

Perhaps. I would advise to check him. You can install several dating apps and look at his reaction. But generally better talk with him heart to heart. This article  ... Read More

Post pregnancy, getting horny many times a day, is that normal?

Answered: Mar 17, 2020

filled with happiness, hyper feelings and endorphins maybe that contributes to why you become horny!

With 2 girls under 5, how often is the norm for sex

Answered: Sep 26, 2017

Well there is no norm for sex. Sex is very personal and every couple has a different intmacy regime. You must follow a sex routine that works for you and your husband.

What would you pay?

Answered: Nov 03, 2018

1. what would you pay to have someone dirty talk to you but no skin shown 2. What would you pay to ... Read More

Sex with partner seems impossible :(

Answered: Jul 23, 2020

Seems like youare still tight down there. as you stated you just broke your virginity and havent fully had sex with your partner. Maybe try using a sex toys to open yourself up ... Read More

Wife lost interest; what are my options?

Answered: Jul 09, 2019

Why Not you talk to your wife. If you both will discuss things might change. OR you can also try some sex boost medicines.