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A sex forum to discuss sexuality, intimacy and interpersonal relationships. Perfect for all genders of men and women with different sexual orientation; the forum is ideal to talk about your sex problems, intimacy issues and get help from other readers and experts.  Ask sex questions that are bothering you or your relationship and get advice and solutions that you can easily apply.

I am having problems with my sex life.

Speak to him openly. Ask him what is the matter or if something is bothering him?
2 answers

Husband can't keep up!

Sounds like your thirties are shaping up to be awesome! For men and women, testosterone levels drop as they get older; the decrease happens more slowly in women than in men, which may mean that a woman...
2 answers

How to get the sex drive back after baby?

Make sexual intimacy a priority.You and your partner need to fix specific times to have sex and be intimate with each other. Omit all distractions during this time such as the computer, TV and cell phones...
2 answers

He does not want me anymore!

I had to read your message over and over to be able to completely understand your concern. I feel your pain...It's v clear that you love your husband to bits but please come to terms to the fact that he...
2 answers

I am 34, a woman, married for 10 years, my husband suffers incapability in sex.

First consult a qualified sexalogist. Incapability in many cases due to stress, over work and alcoholism. Even if the problem is something connected with phisique, most of them are curable. You should...
3 answers