Sex & Intimacy Questions And Answers (Q&A)

I am suffering from erectile disfunction since last 3 days during actual sex but i get good erection when i watch porn.

Answered: Jan 01, 2019

Is it not unusual to have lapses and variation in performance. It will probably pass. Porn is quite a bit different than encounters with an actual person. I would suggest abstaining ... Read More

She doesn’t do or like forplay

Answered: Jan 04, 2019

have you discussed these "games over" responses with her? it appears she is being the self centered brat. do you suspect she has a OM as an AP? perhaps her AP is limiting her affection ... Read More

Can you have both positive and negative views about sex?

Answered: May 29, 2018

I truly believe you can. The positive is the anticipation of having sex and feeling good to you and your partner. The negative is not achieving that pleasure feeling and sometimes it ... Read More

changing sexuality

Answered: Dec 04, 2017

Hi boyjun2, I don't think one can willingly change their sexual orientation. However, it is possible to change one's gender. I suggest you visit a counselor to discuss your case elaborately. ... Read More

What is the best way to get pregnant?

Answered: Sep 01, 2015

The best way to get pregnant is when you and your spouse have been happily married for some time and now you both feel ready to start a family. It is best if you are fully aware of ... Read More

How can I fix this problem of sexual compatibility?

Answered: Dec 15, 2017

I think you and your partner need to see a sex therapist. This pattern that you are experiencing can kill your sex life before time. A sex therapist will help you find a middle ground ... Read More

Sexual Allergic Reaction

Answered: Apr 02, 2018

You probably are carrying the infection but don’t have symptoms of your own. You should both be treated for the yeast infection, otherwise you will keep infecting her. Best way of ... Read More

Sexually dissatisfied with my husband

Answered: Jul 09, 2019

Try some sex medicine

How important physical intimacy should be in a marriage ?

Answered: Jul 17, 2019

It is really hard when your partner is not interested in having sex. I can understand what it feels like when your spouse resents a physical relationship in a marriage. It is really ... Read More

Will I ever be happy in a sexless marriage if I desire an intimate relationship with my wife?

Answered: Mar 09, 2019

From reading what you said I'm fairly certain I can answer your question. Are you happy now? Of course not as evident by your post. Do you think you will become happy because the marriage ... Read More