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Are you considering ending your marriage? Or are you going through a divorce? Share your separation issues and questions with others on this forum and get help and support from experts.

I need an honest answer

If you want to save your marriage then There is Amazing book on it
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I just need some honest advice

Some time, the challenges we face in life commands our lips to open while our tongue moves to ask "what exactly is happening in my life? Am i truly the one that's going through this challenges?" This question...
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How do I get past the shame of leaving my husband when I know in my heart it was the right thing to do but still feel horrible every single day?

Hi Jenny, I understand the shame you feel, I have been divorced for a year and a half and it still hurts me. I work with my ex, so every time I see the hurt in their eyes it breaks my heart and a few...
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Is the first year of marriage supposed to be this hard?

Hi there, May I ask please if you think you have had the same or worse level of fighting since you got married? I'm trying to establish if this has been an ongoing thing for you both or that the changes...
1 answers

What is my husband trying to tell me.

You said you're still in love with him "for some stupid reason" and that you're hurt. He wants you to really think about whether or not you actually want him back. He knows that you're still in a fragile...
1 answers

When i can leave my wife forever ?

Dear sanjusanju25 I could clearly understand the helpless situation of you and your mom. I have seen few such couples... Most of them are still living together. Except few of them, all others were able...
4 answers

How do I convince my husband to move out

In such matters, it is advisable that you keep an open mind and reach a mutual consensus. Both of you would have logical reasoning for your actions so sit down and discuss your perspectives and solutions...
1 answers

Why is he avoiding divorce if he's the one who left?

Hi Riv1093, It is evident that your husband is not interested in saving this marriage, but he is still avoiding a divorce. There has to be a reason for his actions, and you need to find it out. Try and...
1 answers

Reconciling with husband, but he doesn't want to end close female friendship.

No, in my opinion, you're not. Of course, you must respect her and what they shared but he also must understand that you need to give the marrige a fair chance. If he keeps connecting with her and continues...
1 answers

What are some laws on separation?

When people talk about separation, few realize there are two different types. Trial separation is an informal arrangement between spouses when they are considering divorce or even going through proceedings...
3 answers

How to write one's own separation agreement?

Writing a separation agreement has been made easy by the ubiquitous nature of information online. Remember that the goal of a separation agreement is simply to detail out how things will be handled. It...
3 answers

How to apply for online separation agreement?

An online separation agreement can help you by providing the boilerplate language that is common to most separation agreements that are drawn up by divorce attorneys. A separation agreement doesn’t have...
3 answers

Are there any marriage separation papers that I need to fill in?

Many people assume that in order to have a “legal” separation, they need to file legal paperwork. That isn’t the case, though. States have processes in place for divorce proceedings, and part of...
1 answers

Is there any checklist for marriage separation?

There are several things most couples will want to discuss and possibly detail out in a separation agreement. A good checklist would typically include: • Who will live in the family home? What access...
1 answers

"My husband and I have decided to get separate. Can you tell me how to use marriage legal separation?"

Once the decision has been made not to live as husband and wife anymore, a couple is legally separated. That is true whether or not they continue to reside under the same roof, which can give spouses the...
1 answers

"What is a legal separation? Is it financially better than divorce?"

Legal separation is a formal decision not to live together anymore as a married couple. It can be accomplished simply by verbal agreement (for legal purposes) but many couples do have a legal document...
1 answers

Need advice on legal marriage separation. How should a couple do this?

A legal marriage separation can be as simple as a verbal agreement (or statement, if a spouse does not agree) that the couple will no longer live as husband and wife. The legal term is “conjugal relationship,”...
1 answers

I will be getting married soon. But very nervous. Should I sign on some divorce or seperation agreement?

It’s perfectly normal to be nervous before getting married, but if you’re already thinking about separation or divorce, it’s indicative of problems. Either you are being too pessimistic about your...
5 answers

How can I save my marriage from divorce when my spouse is willing to get separate?

If your spouse wants to get separated, you shouldn’t try to force them to stay. Separation is often called a “trial separation” because it gives the couple breathing room as they try to sort out...
1 answers