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"Many religions believe that the wife must submit to her husband fully. What should be some of my vows to my husband?"

Your wedding vows should be based in your faith traditions and cultural customs. If you believe that wives should submit to their husbands, then by all means, include that in your vows. It is considered...
3 answers

Suggest some authentic muslim marriage site where I can look for a companion.

Since online dating has become more mainstream, the internet has seen an ever-growing number of websites dedicated to finding that special someone. The most recent development has been the increasing specialization...
3 answers

How can I find a perfect muslim girl for marriage?

There are many ways to find the perfect Muslim bride for you, even if you don’t live near a large Islamic community, but you will have your work cut out for you. First, you can often find outstanding...
3 answers

"What is the value of christian marriage counseling?"

Many couples seek Christian marriage counseling when they want to be sure the advice they’re getting is in alignment with their faith. It makes sense that if you live a God-centered life, that you’d...
1 answer

"What is the role of intimacy in a Christian marriage?"

Intimacy is one of God’s greatest gifts to us, and being intimate with your spouse happens on many levels. The word intimacy includes not only physical affection and a strong emotional bond, but also...
2 answers

I need someone to assist me with Christian marriage counseling.

Finding a Christian marriage counselor is much easier than it used to be. However, you want to make sure you’ve found the right match for you, so ask them a few questions before getting involved with...
1 answer

Need some solid Christian advice on marriage and managing relationships.

The Bible lays out some solid ground rules for Christian marriage, but there are also many modern Christian authors with good advice. The best tidbit of wisdom comes from Gary Thomas, who asks us to consider...
1 answer

I am looking for a break from my budy life. Please tell me some christian marriage retreat programs.

There are numerous marriage retreats for Christians, and most of them offer a variety of activities so that couples in all stages of life can reconnect with each other and with God. Some of the best-known...
1 answer

When should a Christian couple seek marriage counselling?

If you have tried solving your problems on your own, you’ve tried praying and talking it out, you may be ready to try marriage counseling as a path to success. You can do this by seeking a mediated...
3 answers

Can marriage scriptures heal your broken marriage?

Scripture can be an excellent place to start when focusing the conversation on healing a broken marriage, but it’s not the only place to visit for help. You must realize that scriptures may lay out...
1 answer

What are the most common marriage problems in a christian wedding?

Christian marriages experience all the same difficulties as other relationships, but there are some differences in how problems come up as well as how they’re dealt with. Some Christian couples stumble...
5 answers

Are websites like muslim dating polluting their religion?

Religious values are not the same everywhere the religion is practiced. Some versions of Christianity, for instance, are more strict than others. The same is true with Islam. In some parts of the world...
2 answers

Can you name some popular christian dating websites?

There are Christian dating sites where people post when they’re looking to meet other singles of the same faith. The main one that comes to mind is, which is a wholly owned subsidiary...
3 answers

What is the importance of christian marriage retreat?

Attending a marriage retreat provides many benefits, as follows: · A retreat enables you to connect with like-minded individuals and couples · You can attend workshops and games which...
2 answers

Does attending seminars on christian marriages can make your married life better?

Attending any type of relationships seminar can improve married life, if the seminar is a quality one and resonates with you. Christian seminars can definitely prove useful in Christian marriages, since...
2 answers

What are some christian marriage counseling questions that I should ask?

Christian couples preparing for a lifetime together will want to explore a discussion that entails a description of broad, overarching perspectives of their personal faith, as well as the small and specific...
1 answer

Tell me some christians books on marriage that I can refer for help.

Christianity Today recommends the following 5 books as their best books for advice on Christian marriages: ``Just how married do you want to be?´´ by Jim and Sarah Sumner ``The 5 love languages´´...
3 answers

How benefitial is online christian marriage counseling?

Christian marriage counselling can be very beneficial for whom faith is a significant aspect of life. In general, Christian marriage counseling is not necessarily more or less beneficial than therapies...
1 answer

What are some of the best books on christian marriage?

Two of the most popular titles currently selling on are, The Meaning of Marriage by Timothy Keller, You and Me Forever, Marriage in Light of Eternity by Francis Chan.
1 answer

Can you tell me some christian advice on marriage trouble.

Divorce, like war, is hell. When children are involved in the dissolution of marriage, divorce proceedings may become torturous. Before, during, and beyond divorce, support and sound counseling become...
2 answers