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Discuss your relationship problems and issues privately and anonymously with others. Post your relationship questions and issues and let experts and others help you out. Also share your personal, passionate and helpful advice that others can benefit from.

Am i wasting my time???

Hi! It is best that you put your foot firmly and tell your partner that there is only a certain time till which you can wait, reiterate that you have been on tenterhooks for long, tedious 7 years and it...
1 answer

What am I waiting for?

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1 answer

Long distance is rough. Should I keep fighting?

From the looks of it, it seems there is a lot of resentment which can be attributed to different time zones, challenges to keep up with the relationship requirements, try suggesting a break to her. A temporary...
1 answer

Is autism hereditary? Scared for future kids

I think regarding this you should talk to the doctor or a therapist. We can only give you facts or suggestions but not the exact information that you might require.
1 answer

How to reassure parents that my gf is not a gold digger?

I think you must tell your parents and GF to spent some time together. They should talk to each other in order to know the person well. everything will go right if she really loves you. Though you on you...
2 answers

My gf’s really depressed. I don’t know what to do.

Hello, I thought you would be interested in trying this. I read all you have stated? Please contact Dr. Dugo on E-mail:, wattsapp.. +2348064357725. he has a spiritual power to make everything...
2 answers

Feeling depressed over break-up. Help me.

Life is long. End of a relationship does not translate into the end of the world for you. You need to snap out of the pain post break up and step by step restore happiness into your life. One day at a...
1 answer

Fiancee's mom wants to move in

All you can do is discuss with your partner and tell about your feelings. if she loves you, I am sure she will understand. before you discuss all these things, make sure to convey this in a way that she...
1 answer

How to help my broken hearted brother

Even I think it is a good option. Wen he will explore new place and meet new people, he might get refresh and enjot life more. Iis a good idea, you must proceed!
1 answer

Low self esteem in relationship

You should work harder to achieve that body then. Appreciate your boyfriend. Work hard to be with him.
1 answer