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My girlfriend cheated on me with my friend for a while??

You say that you were together for ths long. Durng these period how you were living? As husband and wife in all respcts or without any sex? If you had no sex with herr,she need not b blamed. If had sex,...
1 answers

Am I wasting my time??

Why do you want them to divorce. Your post is missing that detail. Depending on why determines the necessity of how hard you need to push.
1 answers

My husband looks at pictures of his ex girlfriend regulars on instagram, should I be worried?

Have you asked him why he is obsessed with her? Why are you positive he is not seeing her anymore? Have you ever voiced objections to him focusing on girls other than you? When is last time he expressed...
1 answers

Below is the question!

it is quite normal for guys to view porn often in my experience. it is just entertaining or to search for new things to try with girls. have you told him you get irritated when you see him cybering porn...
3 answers

How do I surprise my girlfriend on her birthday?

Hey! Well, it's a very good news to hear. Before I start, I just hope you wish her from my side too! And, coming to that special gift which, as you framed, should stand out as the memorable day of her...
1 answers

He's back and I'm confused again.

Hello, I can relate to the situation you are dealing with right now. And with the kind of confidence, self-esteem, and independent lifestyle you have developed in you after the break-up, I am sure that...
1 answers