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What are some pre-marriage questions to ask before you commit to a marriage? The success of your marriage depends on how well you discuss and handle your pre-marriage problems. Are you both on the same page, should you sign a prenup and what role does faith play in a marriage? Get answers to these crucial pre-marriage issues on this forum.

How can I save my marriage and make it divorce-proof. Some ideas?

There is no silver bullet to making your marriage divorce-proof, but there are many strategies that work for solidifying a couple’s commitment to each other. Start by sharing your feelings and working...
1 answers

I need some online marriage help tips that really work. Please suggest some.

The most successful marriages are built on solid foundations. Aside from love, these include: · Mutual respect – this means holding your partner in high esteem, but also includes self-respect...
2 answers

Need some tips to save my marriage. My husband is still in touch with his ex. What can I do?

Many people go on to have successful relationships without breaking off contact with an ex-lover or former spouse. Consider all the couples who have kids and therefore must maintain contact. The problem...
3 answers

What are the ways to save marriage after cheating?

Marriages can almost always be saved after infidelity, provided that’s what both parties want. It’s often helpful for both parties to better understand what prompted the cheating. Usually it’s...
2 answers

Is it possible to save your marriage alone?

Yes, it absolutely is! When you start working on yourself, the light, the joy, the passion will naturally flow out of you to your partner, and he/she will begin to notice this change and want to give...
6 answers

Can you tell me some really helpful ways to save my marriage?

If your marriage is facing difficulties, you can usually rescue the relationship if you know what’s causing problems, but finding outthe root causes will require some effort on your part. First, both...
1 answers

Can you tell me some really helpful ways to save my marriage?

Open communication lines again Tell each other you love them / Or still care Say that you want to work it out Go to a professional marriage counselor
1 answers

How can I fix my parent's troubled marriage?

It’s natural to want to help, especially if your parents are having trouble in their marriage.  There are many things you can do to support a healthy relationship, but little you can do to fix other...
3 answers

Tell me some of the smartest marriage tips that can help me in long run?

A lot of marriages fail because they are based on unrealistic expectations of romance. Hollywood has not done us any favors there; neither have fairy tales. Try to separate your concept of an ideal marriage...
3 answers

What are the ways of healing a marriage?

Healing a marriage can be complex, but the same basic principles apply no matter what damage has been done. Good relationships are based on love, but also trust and respect. If one of these components...
5 answers

What are the basic steps to save a marriage?

Marriages that are in danger usually lack the same basic tools that can make them work. · Good communication skills are essential for working out problems before they take over. Practice using...
6 answers

How should I save my marriage from falling apart?

If you feel that your marriage is falling apart, you do have some options. The first thing to do is talk to your spouse about your concerns. Do you both agree that the marriage is on the rocks? If so,...
7 answers

Does having trust in marriage is equally important as love?

" If two people are going to spend their lives together, trust is essential for success. There are many different aspects you’ll want to consider, like: · Can I trust this person emotionally?...
8 answers

I am seeking for a support in my marriage. Please help!

Well done for realizing that you need support and asking for help. Although a marriage is between two people it is never meant to be faced alone, and having a circle of supportive people (friends and family)...
5 answers

What is the secret to keep marriage alive for lifetime?

Trust, love , respect, common goals and interests, the same values are some ogf the factors. Another important factor is learning to see the big picture and remember that you love the person and are building...
8 answers

Is it true that women who have affairs outside marriage are not satisfied with their marriage?

A woman who is satisfied with her husband will be thinking of ways that she can satisfy him and how she can make their home and life a good place for them both to be together. If she is not satisfied with...
10 answers

How can I avoid everyday conflict in my marriage?

The say you need to choose your battles and this can be good advice. Take a very careful look at what exactly are the things that are causing conflict in your marriage every day. Are they big things or...
7 answers

Does asking questions on marriage forum really help?

Perhaps you are struggling with a problem alone over a long period of time, and you just cannot seem to find a way forward. Then you decide to take a brave and tentative step towards getting some help...
9 answers

Can believing in God save your marriage?

Believing in God is the best thing you can do, but God has given a freewill to human beings, allowing them to make their own choices, whether they believe in him and accept his help or not. Because a marriage...
5 answers

Please tell me some ways to fix a marriage?

Marital problems may be much harder to fix than they were to create. That’s because destruction takes much less energy than construction, and marriages can fall apart simply through neglect. To fix...
5 answers