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What are some pre-marriage questions to ask before you commit to a marriage? The success of your marriage depends on how well you discuss and handle your pre-marriage problems. Are you both on the same page, should you sign a prenup and what role does faith play in a marriage? Get answers to these crucial pre-marriage issues on this forum.

Choosing love over other people's criticisms

Compatibility is the key to any relation, and it can overcome any differences be it caste, age or any other. When it comes to love one must not think about the criticism of people around. Undoubtedly,...
1 answers

What are good songs for a wedding?

Congratulations to your father and his fiancee! Song suggestions that you can consider for your father's wedding. Bucky Covington – A Father’s Love (The Only Way He Knew How) Chris Tomlin – Good...
1 answers

Dark or light colours for wedding motif

Hi i love light colors for wedding. Anyway, just wondering if you are in need of someone or a team who can document your Shanghai tour or wedding or any important event here? Been here for the first time,...
1 answers

Am I overthinking?

Considering your situation and the complications involved, it would be best if you can convince his mother to come, stay with you. Moving doesn't sound like a viable option for you. Looks like it will...
1 answers

My boyfriend wants that we shud run away n get married

Avez vous des problèmes de couple .le divorce est en cours .moi j'ai eu la chance de contacter un médium qui ma donner la chance de garder mon mari .contacter le au +22967594720/okimayaowoloo76 @gma m
1 answers

My boyfriend wants that we should run away and get married

Being a girl. please look for answers from him as below what will you be after a week 0 after a month after a year if you get convincing answer from your boy friend just go ahead. if he is not ready to...
1 answers

Waiting game

Hi In your situation, there is nothin much that you can really do. Perhaps, just talk to him and let him know that how much it means to you if he would actually propose to you. Rest, just leave it to him....
1 answers

What to do when my fiancee's father does not support our martial plans

Hi Tobi I believe most problems that we encounter can really be solved with effective communication. In your case, leaving a church is no reason for dispproval for marriage. It doesn't make you a good...
2 answers

Engagement ring help

my husband bought my ring for 20$ on amazon, i LOVE it. its not about the price and if she asks what it cost thats just rude, only reason i found out the price of mine was cuz i had knocked it into the...
2 answers

My bf is mumma's boy.

yeah .. I understand your situation but he is helpless too because he used to do this since childhood. But he needs to understand that he is married now and have started his own family.
3 answers

What makes a marriage happy?

Every marriage will have its share of successes and failures. But eventually being patient with each other, loving each other every single day, practicing forgiveness and nurturing your relationship wholeheartedly...
3 answers

What is a happy marriage? How can I have it?

Like always said 'It takes two to tango' same is in the case of marriage. It is a union of two people for which both couples have to work each day to give it a beautiful meaning. But due to busy schedule...
7 answers

What are the words of marriage vows in a Catholic wedding?

Although many couples today are writing their own vows, in a mtraditional Catholic wedding they offer two basic options to choose from, and they’re very similar. “I, [name], take you, [spouse’s...
2 answers

What are the common catholic vows of marriage?

A lot of couples are writing their own vows these days, but traditional Catholic weddings have a couple of basic choices when it comes to wedding vows. These are: “I, [name], take you, [spouse’s...
1 answers

What are marital vows in a marriage?

Marital vows are sacrosanct oaths sworn before the couple’s church, friends and family, and God.  These words, spoken at the altar in front of the congregation, represent a solemn commitment that...
1 answers

Why do open marriages work?

Fidelity in a relationship means different things to different people. For many, the idea of fidelity means no sexual contact outside the relationship, but that isn’t true for everyone. Open marriages...
1 answers

Can a family member provide help in my marriage? I am ashamed to ask them.

Some family members may have wonderful advice to offer you in regards to marriage, and seeking input from one’s elders is a time-honored tradition. That said, it’s also wise also to be cautious when...
7 answers

If I review my marriage today, I have to do a lot of work to save it. What should I do?

If your treasure and value your marriage, then it would be good for you to go through that very work that you find cumbersome and help build your marriage to a peaceful and harmonious one. Nothing ever...
7 answers

My husband's ex-girlfriend is trying to ruin our life. What can I do in saving my marriage?

If your husband’s ex-girlfriend is causing drama in your marriage, the best thing to do is to first discuss your concerns with your husband. If you’ve already tried that and nothing has changed, it...
7 answers